General Ramblings (Masaki, Junjun, Nakajima Saki)

So have you heard the news huh? Huh?


Not much of a story you’d think. Well actually if you are a H!P fan this is NEWS OF IMMENSE PROPORTIONS. Yes for people are complaining that the staff should not be telling idols what to do (?) and that Oda should be graduated for speaking like that to someone from a more senior generation. It’s quite funny to see the staff being bad-mouthed for being too severe and then in the next breath often the very same people saying staff should graduate Oda (severe much?). Some fans are embarrassing. I mean this story comes from one person translating what another person heard at a concert. The MC itself was another person telling a story about what they had seen happen. We don’t know ourselves any of the background of this. We don’t know intentions, tone of voice or all the minutiae of the circumstances. But hey don’t let not really knowing anything stop you jumping to defense of Masaki. A  girl who cries at seeing chicks and runs away in terror (see Momusu dvd magazine volume 53). It’s obviously all the staff and Oda’s fault. Also let’s not forget the choreography is important in shows. You let one person do what they want then soon everyone is doing what they want and it becomes a mess. Oh fandom. Why do you overreact so?

Onto another random bit of thinking and I’d like to talk about Junjun. Remember her? The hilarious and cute Chinese idol of awesomeness? Well recently on her Chinese blog she posted (not for the first time) a photo of Momusu from back in the day. To me the love Junjun still feels for Momusu makes her absolutely wonderful. Let us put things in context a bit. Being an idol is hard work. Very hard work. Idols have a lot of training in singing and dancing, a lot of events to attend, a lot of public scrutiny, a lot of recordings, a lot of probably very tiring live shows. It’s a hell of a lot of work for young girls. We’ve probably all seen the odd clips of girls being told what they need to do to improve by dance or voice coaches. We’ve seen the pressures and tears and so on just in the few little behind-the-scenes clips that exist. One can only imagine just how physically and mentally demanding it all is. Plus some idols do lots of magazine photoshoots, acting, etc. Then you take Junjun. She did all that same hard work and yet also had to leave her family in China, go to Japan and learn the language too. I know from personal experience that moving to a foreign country isn’t easy but Junjun was so young when she did it. Yet all these years later and it’s clear that she still loves her time in Momusu. It’s so heartwarming. Junjun is the idol fan’s idol. She doesn’t sneer at the idol world like some ex-members have (coughKoharucough). Ah Junjun…

blog, Li Chun, Junjun-335246 Li Chun, Junjun-388880

Li Chun, Junjun, Photobook-121054 Li Chun, Junjun, Photobook-122714

Never stop loving your past endeavours!

Finally the gorgeousness that is Nakajima Saki will be releasing a new photobook on her 20th birthday (5th February). There will also be an e-LineUP extended making-of dvd. Rejoice!

Nakajima Saki-428127Magazine, Nakajima Saki-433353 Nakajima Saki-370266 Nakajima Saki-426735Magazine, Nakajima Saki-426712Magazine, Nakajima Saki-423488

Princess Pretty has just grown more and more beautiful over the years.  A great dancer, a fun person and a beauty too. I still pinch myself when I think that I met her last year. ♥♥ I’ll be ordering the photobook even if it means selling my soul to the Devil Yasushi Akimoto in order to afford it! My number one idol must be supported! Support! Support! Support!


8 responses to “General Ramblings (Masaki, Junjun, Nakajima Saki)

  1. Great pics of Junjun – bunny ear-muffs and the sera-fuku are awesome. That’s really cool what you said about her blog post too. I miss her quite a bit. One really funny thing I remember about her was her antics in several episodes of Yorosen. That show was kind of lame but she was damn funny in a few episodes.

    Great pics of Nacky too. I especially like the serious face with the ponytail over her shoulder and the pirate outfit. Holy crap, almost 20? I started listening to C-ute in 2008 and man she has really grown up. She was an awesome kid back then but she’s quite the lovely young lady now.

    • Junjun on Yorosen in the panda costume was really funny. Also I seem to recall she was on with Momoko and they were sparring over who is cuter.

      I love the Nacky pirate costume pics. She looks stunning in them.

      • The panda costume was great. I also liked when she ate the dog treats during Aika’s episode about pets. Everyone was so shocked and she thought it was no big deal.

      • I forgot about that. I wish she’d had more opportunities to shine while in Momusu. When she did get the opportunities she was so entertaining but they didn’t come along too often.

  2. I’ve got to say I think it’s a bit petty regardless of what happened to Masaki. The staff are there to help them progress and get better, shouting is wrong but I’m sure they get shouted and told off a lot behind the scenes.

    Also Junjun is looking super cute! And long time, no see I’m back to blogging 🙂

    • I’m sure there are often tears. It’s understandable really with all the hard work, all the effort it takes to be an idol and get things right. Sometimes emotions are bound to overflow. Some fans make too big a deal of such things.

      Junjun seems to be doing okay back in China. I’ve seen her in adverts and stuff so she is finding work. Linlin too with her singing. I’m happy for them.

      Welcome back to the blogging world!

  3. its not a staff who blamed and scolded masaki. its kanon suzuki. masaki and kanon are not get along with each other and kanon seems to be always irritated by mischievous childish attitude of masaki.

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