Horiuchi Marina Picspam

While I’m waiting for the adoption papers to come through here’s a dumpster full of Marippe pics. Just because. By the way Sakura Gakuin’s next single “Jump Up ~Chiisana Yuki~” and live dvd “Sakura Gakuin Sai 2013 Nen -Live Edition-” are released on February 12th. ^^

School2School School1  9137_10151403804866193_98508106_n 379648_10151401703716193_229445642_n 28777283 28777514 30296509 Ad  Angel1 Angel2 Angel3 Angel4 Angel5 Angelgirls Drama Drama1 Drama2 Drama3 Drama4 Food Ganbare H&M H&M1

Top two!

lacey Lacey1 Mag Mag1 Maid up Maid

I would do ANYTHING for bigger pictures of Marina in the maid uniform!

marina pv Science Science1 Science2 Science3 Science4 Science5 Science6 Science7 Sleepiece Sleepiece1 Sleepiece3Sleepiece4Sleepiece2   Twinkletwinkle Twinkletwinkle13some

To be fair pictures aren’t enough. To appreciate Marina you need to see her moving. When she talks or sings she is a bundle of energy. But even so cute pics anyway. 🙂


7 responses to “Horiuchi Marina Picspam

    • I hope she continues to sing and stuff after she graduates this year. Well I just read that Muto Ayami is making her major debut this April so there’s life after Sakura Gakuin. The others who have left seem to do one or several of either singing, acting, modeling or advertising from what I’ve seen so I reckon one way or another Marina will find some kind of work. The company that deals with these girls seem quite good at managing them. 🙂

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  3. Crono here~!

    I am originally a Yui Fan but after i saw her many times, I can relate to this ENERGY yer talking about, hehe..I want to see her more in action, dancing and singing

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