It’s the Nakajima Saki 20th Birthday post! Happy Birthday 中島早貴

Nacky is 20 on 5th February. Have you ordered her pb N20 yet? It’s released on her birthday so everyone who orders is giving her a birthday present. Who doesn’t like money as a gift? 😛 I am eagerly awaiting a copy of it. It’s sure to be another gorgeous pb. ^^ You can also order an extended making-of dvd. 🙂 Anyway what can I say about my number 1 idol that I haven’t said many times already? Not a lot. So onto the picspam! Have a random and recent (mostly) selection of pics…

Nakajima Saki-438878Nakajima Saki-437566Nakajima Saki-438869Nakajima Saki-438851Nakajima Saki-439187Nakajima Saki-438862 Magazine, Nakajima Saki-438501Nacky hair up  Nacky kimono   Nacky Queen peace 1 Nacky Queen peace Nacky Queen pointNacky winter 14Nacky winter 14 1Nacky treasure boxNacky nom Nacky sexy  Nacky temtressNacky heartNacky lovelyNacky cheeks     Nacky tmblrNacky smile

Ah such a lovely set of pics. Little Nacky has grown up to be such a beauty. Of course she was always cute. Just take a look at this old pic…

Nacky young2

Considering that is from 8 years ago she hasn’t actually changed much at all. Anyway welcome to adulthood Nacky. I hope she has a great birthday and a great year. Talking of the year, team C-ute continues in 2014. I hope the year ahead brings continuing increases in sales and popularity. C-ute seem to be a group that gets female fans as well as male fans so I hope they can continue to expand their fanbase. If they do I hope a lot of the new fans choose Nacky as their favourite. She deserves supporting. She’s a lovely idol.


5 responses to “It’s the Nakajima Saki 20th Birthday post! Happy Birthday 中島早貴

    • My favourite is the Treasure Box pic halfway down the page where her back is to the camera. It’s such a cute expression. Plus Treasure Box = perfection to me. ^^

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