Another Piccy/Caption Post

Early morning in the Michishige household and Sayu is playing the ventriloquist again…

blog, Michishige Sayumi, Sayashi Riho-442704

“If I put my hand right there she opens her mouth.”

Advertisement time!


She uses Very Beauty. For when you need confidence. With this deodorant even Dschinghis Khan himself would Want you.


So use Very Beauty. Unleash your shining power today. See off any rival. Indulge in an Asian celebration.


Yes whether you want to rock erotic or just cha cha sing there’s only one deodorant you can trust.

On Valentine’s Day Ai-chan got married to Willy Wonka…


Ai-chan looks as tasty as a Galaxy bar of chocolate and that’s damn tasty!

It has been announced that C-ute are going to Thailand. I’m surprised it’s not Berryz myself. After all they do have a ladyboy in their group…


Suzuki Kanon started to regret Niigaki’s graduation…


It seems Tsunku has been so desperate these past years to be a member of Momusu that he’s now gone and got himself a sex change…


As the snowy weather starts to bite, the fallen upon hard times tramps with the shortest skirts take shelter…


Back to the Michishige household and Sayu has organised another typical sleepover…

Sayu Sayu1

Meanwhile it’s lunchtime for Momochi and she is busy scientifically testing her food for poison as usual…


Sadly everything was negative again.

Also in Berryz it seems they are so desperate for money they have started hiring Miyabi out to other idol groups. Here is Miyabi, Yurina and a member of Idoling…


Have a random picture of all the great tenth gen Momusu members…


Yes that’s all the great ones.

It has been scientifically proven that idols plus snow equals awesome. Einstein himself came up with the formula. If S equals NOW then HANA equals CUTE.



One for dog lovers now and there’s nothing more heartening than seeing a woof woof playing in the woods…


Aww. When you look in her eyes it’s almost like she understands what you are saying.

Did you ever hear the old saying…


…Life’s a beach and then you sigh?

Good news for Chissa fans and it seems for all these years she has been a film star…


Who knew she’d starred in all those Saw films?

Talking of films and if they ever remake Boogie Nights…

Roller Roller1 Roller2

…It will be a damn site better than the original!

Say what you like about being a H!P trainee but since Sayu became leader the training has become more intense. Here some trainees learn how to be wrestled with by older women…

egg egg1egg2

Finally there was no surprise when Hagiwara Mai was asked to point at the cutest thing she knows…

Hagiwara Mai, Nakajima Saki-440438

Correct answer!

Well that’s all for now. I’ll be back next week when I’ll be showing H!P trainees how to ride a bucking bronco to a Sayu level of satisfaction. Bye!

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