Throw Up Your Fox Signs Here’s Babymetal!

Babymetal’s first album is released next week (26th February 2014). It’s available in two editions, regular and limited with dvd (in fact the limited version is so limited CDJapan are limiting it to one per customer). The album should be quality. Babymetal have had some fantastic singles so far from Sakura Gakuin album track (and first single) Doki Doki Morning, through the superb Ii Ne! to the equally superb Headbanger and onwards to their last singles Ijime, Dame, Zettai and Megitsune. Every single has been damn fine. Suzuka Nakamoto makes a great frontbabymetaller. She has a really good voice and carries the weight of the group with ease. Tracks such as Headbanger are pretty much solo songs and the pv to that shows that she’d be perfectly able to do it all alone. She captures the attention and keeps it. However the cute twosome backing her up add lots of energy and fun to proceedings. In fact Yui Mizuno and Moa Kikuchi make such a strong team you could see them being a future W type of partnership (as in the old H!P group). They just match each other so perfectly.

I wish sort-of-parent-group Sakura Gakuin could have half the success Babymetal have as they are a great idol group and deserve recognition. Even so I am glad at least that Babymetal are doing well. They are a fantastic concept executed perfectly. I expect the album to sell well and just as importantly to be good.

But anyway picspam! Which Metal is your favourite? I can’t decide. Possibly Suzuka but then Yui is so cute. Mind you Moa has been growing on me recently. Tough choice!

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9 responses to “Throw Up Your Fox Signs Here’s Babymetal!

  1. Yui is definitely my favorite but I think they’re an awesome trio and I hope they can stay together for a good while. I’m really looking forward to the album release as well.

    I really like Sakura Gakuin in general but Babymetal is just f’ing incredible. I’ve been both a metalhead and an idol pop fan for quite some time and I love that the j-pop industry is catching up and catering to people like me (and Henkka and the guys at Beat Laments the World, etc.).

    • It is good to see (and hear) a different type of idol music. There’s no reason why idols have to do the more typical poppy stuff after all.

      I’d say the fact that they continued past Suzuka’s Sakura Gakuin graduation coupled with the fact they seem to sell well should mean that they continue for some time yet. It would be odd if they didn’t.

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  3. Not sure if you knew this, but Su-metal is my favourite. ^^ I like Yui too and Moa, well, I find her face a bit weird but she gets bonus points for being an Airi fan.

    BABYMETAL are great and they totally deserve all the success they have, but I still like Sakura Gakuin better.

  4. love their style of joining heavy metal and pop . look forward to hearing and seeing alot more of them. wish them long term success they are truly talented ! babymetal rocks !!! my new favorite band !!!

    • I’m hoping they announce a few dates in Europe this summer. They said they would do a European tour and so far have announced playing at a metal festival in England. I’m hoping I get a chance to see them live somewhere. I think it’d be a pretty unique experience.

      • I’d love to see them live too, especially at a metal festival. I’d love to see the reaction of a bunch of metalheads who’ve never even heard of j-pop. I think “unique experience” might be a bit of an understatement.

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