Hello! Project Pocket Morning Q&A’s

I thought I’d round up some more recent H!P group Pocket Morning Q&A’s. All these answers are genuine answers obtained from my source in Japan. My source is ‘Honest’ Tokyo Joe. I’ve never met him but he speaks to me online and I do have his profile pic…


…so he is obviously genuine. Anyway the Q&A’s. First up S/mileage…


Next up Momusu…


Another S/mileage…


Some more Momusu…

Momusu qa1

And last but mostly least Berryz Kobo…

Berryz 1


Berryz qa

And that’s it. If you want to check them out the original translated answers can be found here. I’ll be back next week where I’ll be taking Risako to a hairdresser and we’ll be examining just how hairdressers make hair a shit bright colour. Until then goodbye!


3 responses to “Hello! Project Pocket Morning Q&A’s

  1. Fantastic stuff. I think the reason I find these so funny when you do them is that the Pocket Morning thing is so absurd to start with. I guess it makes good fodder for mocking but I just think they’re really strange.

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