Hello! Station Ep 56

I love watching Hello! Station each week. It gives you the latest pv’s, some live performances backstage filming and other little features. It’s a lovely little weekly slice of H!P entertainment and I look forward to it each Wednesday. So I thought I’d do the occasional review of it.

So first up this week Juice=Juice with the pv to their next single “Let’s Flamenco”. Okay that’s not what it’s called it’s actually called “Hadakano Hadakano Hadakano Kiss” but it does have a Spanish style to it. Gorgeous costumes, a hint of Momusu’s Iroppoi Jirettai in the song style but on first listen its a little tame. But it seems like the kind of song that could grow on you with further listening.

vlcsnap-2014-02-27-11h16m00s24 vlcsnap-2014-02-27-11h16m25s80

More like “don’t be a chicken. Karin will eat you up, after having played with you”.

This week’s presenter is Kumai “Tall” Yurina. She’s dressed like she’s wearing a straight-jacket with the sleeves loose. It’s an improvement on last week’s doilies on the shoulders look though.


Straight-jacket so soft and padded.


Previous week. Doillies on the shoulder. Like your Nan’s couch.

Next up is C-ute’s Love Take It All Pv. It’s a sexy kind of pv but the song is only okay really. Although I’ve seen lots of people saying they prefer it to the other A side track “Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita”. For me Kokoro is by far the better track. In fact it’s one of the most immediately catchy songs in a long time excepting “Tokai no Hitorigurashi”. The pv for Kokoro is also charming, stylish and rather wonderful. Again every bit as good as Tokai ‘s. But as for Love Take It all, well it’s another great C-ute dance and I won’t ever be complaining about that but at the same time the pv is not much more than a typical dance shot, close-up, dance shot thing against a featureless background. It does have some great solo moves though.



vlcsnap-2014-02-27-11h39m30s93 vlcsnap-2014-02-27-11h40m13s27vlcsnap-2014-02-27-11h39m57s137

Sexy moves but cheap background.

Next up Berryzzzzzzzzzzzzz…huh? Wha? Oh yeah. Next up Berryzzzzzzzzzzz…huh? Wha? Oh yeah next up Berryzzzzzzzzzzz…huh? Ah…err…so it’s two live performances as Captain Eye-Patch (very fitting eye wear for a Captain me hearties), small mental looking one, thinny, horsey, the tall one, the massive one and the office worker in her 40’s sing one half of their latest double A side “Otona na no yo!” plus another track. Otona is acceptable and I’m very glad they didn’t do the other half “1-oku 3-senman Sou Diet Oukoku” as it’s the worst noise I’ve heard since when I was a kid and a vinyl record got stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck stuck diet diet diet diet diet diet diet diet diet diet dietARRRRGHHHHHKILLLLLLMEEEEEEEEEEENOWWWWWWWWWWWdietdietdietdietdietietdiet…


Berryz having a gold old cockney knees up yesterday. Possibly.

After the live there’s a quick comment section…


Miyabi looking in rather fine fettle while the others look odd or have shit clothes or both.

Now it’s time for Hello! Project Kenshuusei with a live version of Ten Made Nobore. I wish their two tracks Ten Made Nobore! and Oheso no Kuni Kara Konnichiwa were released on a cd instead of just a single V. I love the pv’s simple as they are but I’d like the mp3’s too! Although I’m certainly not complaining at the release of a single V. I miss C-ute getting theirs and I will definitely be buying the Sushi’s one. I do rather love the Sushi’s actually. Tanabe Nanami and Hamaura Ayano especially. Both are just so adorably cute! New unit for them please Mr Tsunku Sir!


“Lalalalalalalala lalalalalaaaa…”

Hamaura Ayano, Tanabe Nanami-444350

Tanabe Nanami (left) and Hamaura Ayano (right). Two adorable trainees and hopefully future stars!

Next it’s time for Miyamoto Karin’s hair corner! She licks her paws and runs them through her hair most probably. #SiameseCat. Next week she shows you how to catch and eat a field mouse.


Karin’s been walking through the flower bed again!

Finally it’s S/mileage with some behind the scenes stuff. It looks like pieces of brain being cooked. Must be leftovers from Meimi’s victims.




The guilty party looking pleased with her endeavours.

Oh and as they have a real-life vampire in the group the members go outside into the snow to reenact the film 30 Days of Night.


“So I stand here and then you come and rip my throat out?”

And that’s it. Another show full of H!P goodness. Always worth a watch. Even if not every group or song is that interesting there is always plenty to recommend it. It’s great to see H!P management doing this kind of thing. Not to mention the trouble they go to to put English subtitles on the pv’s they upload. 🙂 Long may it all continue!


9 responses to “Hello! Station Ep 56

  1. That Tanapyon/Hamachan pic is so cute! Well, mostly the Nanami part of it, but still.

    Why not do a post like this every week? 🙂

    I forgot to read your other recent blog posts. >< I'll do it this weekend, if not earlier! Please remind me!

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  3. I really like the Nanmai/Ayano pic too. I feel sorry for Berryz these days – well, mostly I feel sorry for Chinami being stuck with the group. They all seriously look bad in that pic though.

    • Their outfits are dreadful which seems par for the course these days. Captain’s eye patch is a bit unfortunate too as it just heightens the weirdness. Chinami is my favourite member. I think if she’d been put in C-ute instead she’s have fitted in great. She looks good alongside Maimi like in the DIY Forest for Rest pv.

      • Yeah, the clothes are definitely a big part of it. But still, Risako looks like she just crapped in her pants and Maasa has this homicidal mugshot stare like she’s about to attack the cameraman. Momoko’s just batshit enough to go with the flow. I think Captain’s eyepatch, while unfortunate, actually looks kind of cute.

      • Yeah, I guess she’s never been the most photogenic one of the group. Maybe I should’ve said, “…looks like she’s about to eat the cameraman.”

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