Happy Birthday Taguchi Hana

Today March 4th is Sakura Gakuin member Taguchi Hana’s 14th birthday. Rejoice!

Hana is the second cutest member after Marina. She looks so pretty. I’ve said it before but she looks like a mixture of some of my favourite idols. Not least a young Nakajima Saki. She’s also amusing and entertaining to watch. It’s also funny to me that she’s a really big fan of wrestling. Yes there’s nothing an idol likes more after a long hard day of studying and idol work than to watch a bunch of men rolling around on top of each other. Actually that’s a lot like what Michishige Sayumi does to unwind except with Hana it’s men and not younger members of Morning Musume. Oh and the men wear more clothes. Anyway some Hana picspam!

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603066_4851020595849_1757171050_n 971681_607546579256882_258259206_n

I guess Japan time it’s now 5th March but better late than never. ^^ Anyway if you haven’t checked out Sakura Gakuin you really should. Especially if you like cute, happy jpop! I can’t reccommend them enough. They are my third favourite idol group (after C-ute and Momusu). 🙂


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