Hello! Station Ep57

Iiiiiiiiiiit’s Wednesday and that means it’s Hello! Station day. Yay! This week it’s presented by Snaggletooth herself, the lovely Suzuki Airi. First up is Juice=Juice who apparently want to do a lot of things.


Yes a lot of things. Well four of them mainly want to step out of Karin’s shadow. Karin meanwhile wants to eat some fish, chase a few mice and then have a nice nap curled up in her favourite chair. Anyway the first thing I notice about the pv is it seems to have been filmed in a mist. Well I don’t see why else everything would be so whited out…


The song itself is passable but nothing amazing on first listen. The pv is plain, misty and yet also when it comes to the close-ups quite striking one way or another.




That looks like something from some horror film. The Grudge 4: Fucking Karin maybe. Ayyyye the strange being from the mist. Some say she be alive, some say she be dead but nobody knows. But it’s said that on a misty night if you are unfortunate she will appear to you, ask if you like Karin and then rip your heart out through your chest. So beee warrrrned aye.

Ah but Karin though. Striking in her own weird way…


Here puss puss puss. Awho’s a good kittie? Awho’s a good kittie? Yes you are!


Or a soul. Ayyyyye a souuuuul.

Anyway back to Airi and either someone has stolen her outfit or else she’s pregnant…


That top is so over-sized and baggy it’s madness. And everyone knows Madness were more about baggy trousers. Err…moving on…

Mind you Airi still looks damn pretty. My eyes are taken by Risako in the background poster though. Her outfit and hairstyle as unusual (and frankly quite awful) as always…


Next is the dance shot pv to C-ute’s Love Make It Wiggle…

vlcsnap-2014-03-06-00h43m47s103 vlcsnap-2014-03-06-00h43m54s168 vlcsnap-2014-03-06-00h44m06s37

Yes it’s a whole new concept in pv making. Filmed in HD as it was using the new state of the art Technibummer technology. Well except for the bit where they point at their breasts…


But mostly it’s like an Ai-chan photobook made into a pv.


Judging by the incredibly positive reaction from some wota their eyesight will be fading soon too. Fnaar.

Well personally I think the dance is sexy and certainly noticeable but I still prefer the other A side Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita both as a song and as a pv. Talking of which here it comes as a live version. Filmed from one angle from a distance in a darkened room. Perhaps bright lights would have hurt the eyes of those who had just been enthusiastically watching and rewatching the Love Shakes It All clip.


You probably can’t really tell but Airi seems to have pigtails which would be interesting to see in better quality.

Next up Batty Kobo with a live performance…


Please stop. Pleeease? You’ll be doing that hairstyle at 80 in a truly terrifying real life Whatever Happened to Baby Momo style.


I wish Maasa would stop it with all her background photobombing. All that wild gesticulating, zany tomfoolery and constant smiling is really starting to piss me off.

Anyway a quick moment to make a heartfelt charity appeal to help a young lady in suffering…


Poor Risako has never had a comb. Life has been difficult for her growing up in such an environment. But with your help her life can be transformed. Please donate generously to the Buy Risako A Comb appeal. If we can raise enough money we might even be able to buy her some hair dye in a non-stupid colour. So please, don’t just walk on by. Don’t just think it’s not your problem. With your help a young ladies life can be turned around and the promise she once had can start to be fulfilled. If we can earn enough we can also maybe buy some razors and shave Momo.


CHINAMI! Nice to see her at last. It’s pretty much all Momo/Risako/Red Rum…I mean Miyabi camera wise.

Anyway after that song (which isn’t too bad actually although their voices don’t sound that great. Not just on the live version either) it’s onwards to an oldie but not a goldie from them and uh-oh. It looks like Maasa is thinking of taking a trip to Dignitas…


“Please kill me”.

I guess since it’s their tenth anniversary then going back to their debut single “Anata Nashi de wa Ikite Yukenai” makes sense. Seeing them now as adults doing a song they performed as children just reminds me of how much they have grown, not as a unit but as a bunch of mismatched individuals who look like some kind of office workers karaoke tribute act. Ouch? Sorry Berryz fans but I just don’t get them as a group. Harsh yes but that doesn’t mean I dislike the members. For instance I think My Abby…sorry Gee Gee…sorry Miyabi is a strong performer with lots of stamina who has overcome many hurdles to get here. Now here she is at the finishing line and oh no! She’s been impeded by a loose Momoko. Err…I mean Miyabi is a really good performer and I love her in Buono (ah Buono. The good old days). Chinami is funny and lovely and Captain is just damn sweet and likeable. Even Risako is pretty underneath that wig and comedy clothing she always wears. It is a wig and comedy clothing right? It must be. But even so as a unit they just seem so odd.

Anyway moving on…


“I am dead inside.”

By the way Maasa during her solo bits sounds so deep it’s unsettling.

Next up it’s time for a Morning Musume dance lesson with the two star pupils…

vlcsnap-2014-03-06-01h29m00s98 vlcsnap-2014-03-06-01h29m09s193

It’s probably an interesting segment for those that like to copy the dance moves at home (I’m sure judging by the proliferation of Youtube dancers doing jpop covers out there that there are many such people).

And then it’s bye bye from Airi (who looks like she’s doing a Maimi eyes wide shut smile here)…


Or is she doing an impression of a sumo wrestler? Seriously what’s with that sweater? She’s tiny and looks huge.

And to end with it’s the behind the scenes style section this time focusing on S/mileage just as it did last week. I think it’s some kind of making-of for 30 Days of Night: Maimed by Meimi.

vlcsnap-2014-03-06-01h33m31s238 vlcsnap-2014-03-06-01h38m30s156

Kanon learns how to make a glass (probably to hold holy water or something)…



Sorry. Couldn’t resist it.

Then Thingy (or is it Whatserface) blows hard. Although personally I think she generally sucks. Just like your mum.


Then Whatserface (or is it Thingy) blows hard. Although personally I think she generally sucks. Just like your mum.


After that Wada whites up. THE RACIST!


Then wet stuff drips off her face. Like with your mum.


Then Takeuchi stick her tongue out and gets covered in white stuff. Like your m…wait I’ve done that now.

vlcsnap-2014-03-06-01h48m59s46 vlcsnap-2014-03-06-01h49m09s138

Actually somehow Takeuchi looks really different here. I guess I pay this group so little attention that they grow up without me noticing. Except Meimi obviously who will never age. I mean she might burst into flame if the sun comes out from behind the cloud cover but she’ll never age.

Finally there’s a little snowball fight and then that’s it for another week..


It wasn’t one of my favourite weeks really. Then again the Juice=Juice song doesn’t interest me too much, Berryz don’t interest me at all and S/mileage…well S/mileage is like an old friend who has changed so much you don’t really recognise them anymore. Of course if you like those groups then this week will be great for you. In the end it’s all horses for courses (sorry Miyabi fans). Still onwards to next week and presumably more of Airi presenting. 🙂


9 responses to “Hello! Station Ep57

  1. I really think (or at least thought) that Juice=Juice has a lot of potential but, truth be told, I’ve found most of their songs to be quite boring. I used to really like Berryz Koubou but, like you said, I don’t get them anymore either. I feel basically the same about S/mileage. I loved the group with the original four members but I lost interest when Tsunku messed with the roster and I just haven’t paid much attention to them for a while now.

    At least Airi can still look good even though they dressed her in a potato sack or XXL men’s sweater or whatever the hell it is. Kind of looks like she’s not wearing anything else with it.

    • Yeah I think J=J have been a bit underwhelming mostly. I did like their earliest songs though. I also lost interest in S/mileage around the time of the second gen brats joining. I’d loved S/mileage since they started. I’d even sent a pic in to their smile campaign. I’d bought various editions of each single too. I was a big fan. It’s odd. I have loved Momusu for years and even though the only member still left from my early days is Sayu I still love Momusu. But S/mileage, as soon as they changed it was like ruination. >.>

      • It’s kind of odd because I think S/mileage is still putting out some decent songs but I’ve lost the motivation to follow the group much. I had hoped Juice=Juice would be the “new S/mileage” but they never really hooked me.

      • J=J seem to have a more mature style in some ways. Less of the fun early S/mileage had. It’s strange because with the C-ute and Berryz members being older and doing more mature stuff you’d think J=J would be an opportunity for more youthful songs.

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  3. What? You don’t like Airi’s sweater? I kept thinking how pretty it is and how I want to buy a similar one. XD Big sweaters make the person inside look tiny, it’s cute. ^^

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