Hello! Station Ep59

It’s Hello! Station time again. Once again it starts with Juice=Juice. This time a dance shot. Shot in a mist by the looks of it…


You were an amoeba?


Seriously is it just me? Do I have cataracts? What’s going on? Why can’t I see? Hello is that the opticians? I want to book an appointment…

Anyway this weeks presenter is PussPuss…



The next clip is the Sushi in some stageplay or something.


I think Yasuda Kei and Ogawa Makoto are involved too. All the big hitters. There’s a lot of empty seats at the front. Anyway the song left no impression and the outfits don’t exactly flatter anyone but at least afterwards there’s some straight to camera promotion. Hamachan!…

vlcsnap-2014-03-21-13h47m37s209 vlcsnap-2014-03-21-13h47m43s15

So cute! Then Rikako…


Who isn’t. And then Riko…


Who also isn’t. Neither is Kaego…


And then NANAMIIIIIIII…who is…

vlcsnap-2014-03-21-13h56m42s26 vlcsnap-2014-03-21-13h56m47s78 vlcsnap-2014-03-21-13h57m26s216

Then Mizuki…


Who is okay I guess.Then it’s Ooura Hirona who is new to me…

vlcsnap-2014-03-21-13h59m58s184vlcsnap-2014-03-21-14h01m30s93 vlcsnap-2014-03-21-14h02m03s158

She’s quite interesting. She’s like a cross between Ai-chan and Reni from MomoClo. Plus she has a nice voice.

Finally it’s Risa…


It’s a no from me. I’m putting through Hamachan, Tanapyon and Hirona. But really it’s alllll about Nanami and Ayano when it comes to the trainees. They stand out a mile in all the good ways for my biased opinion. Hirona is worth keeping an eye on too though. She is only 13 and was apparently a finalist is the Momusu 12th gen auditions. Obviously she failed. Probably because Oda Sakura is already the new Ai-chan!

Up next is a first chance to listen to one half of Momusu’s upcoming double A side single Password is 0…


Musically it’s a similar style to other recent singles but on first listen it doesn’t really grab me. Although I’m looking forward to other future singles Password is Incorrect and Password Reset Email Address is TsunkuMaster@Hotmail.com.

After what was probably a live clip of Momusu finding out about the new 12th gen auditions (hint to applicants; they don’t need an Ai-chan) comes Chinny doing impressions…


It’s Heroes by David Bowie? Your angle is all wrong though. Oh wait actually it’s a hair section. These sections are a bit like being a hairdresser to the girls. They sit there talking while their hair gets done. The only difference is they are the ones doing it.


It’s a crap Momoko Tsugunaga? Wait Momo’s normal hair is crap anyway. This is an improvement. Oh wait it isn’t impressions.

I’m not normally into watching girls do their hair (what kind of a weird fetish would that be anyway) but I’m strangely transfixed. It’s just so nice to see Chinami for once. And to see her minus the Boreyzzzzz is even better.


< My obligatory heart this week goes to Chinami.

Actually these sections are a bit like being a creepy landlord who rents his place out to students having put in a two-way mirror. “You’re looking in the mirror but you don’t see me. Oh but I see you. AhahahahaHAAAAAA!” Plus I’m not wearing anything as I type this. Spooky!


So you going away anywhere nice this year? No? Some friends all went to Paris last year but you’re all going nowhere?

Anyway a comparison. Before…


And after…


Yeah you…did…stuff.

Finally it’s time for the behind the scenes type section. The last three weeks have been S/mileage so I’m hoping it’s someone else this week…



They are at an amusement park this week. Here they are going up on a rollercoaster…


Don’t come back down. Harsh?

And here they are in a haunted house…


What’s the worst that could happen to them? Meimi could jump out?

When they come out there’s only three of them. Maybe Meimi has been given a job jumping out at customers? Oh no there she is at the end about to feast on some fleshy stick…


That’s scarier than any haunted house to me.

Anyway that’s it for another episode. Not exactly a great one. No C-ute at all which perhaps isn’t surprising since they had a single out just a few weeks back. No Berryz either except Chinny. Worth watching if you want to check out Momusu’s next single or know what it’s like to be going blind but otherwise it was a bit meh. Nice to see Ayano and Nanami though. Plus Chinami!


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