Hello! Project Ranking 2014

Since my previous post was all about my current idol interests I thought maybe I should update my ranking list. Last year’s one is here.

So in reverse order (and with apologies for the negativity in the first few parts)…

31. Sato Masaki

Sato Masaki-453432

What is it about Masaki that people like? I don’t understand. She has an annoying personality and doesn’t even look good? What is it? What am I missing? I just find her irritating.

30. Nakanishi Kana
30. Katsuta Rina


I still can’t tell the difference between Thingy and Whatserface. They don’t annoy me but they don’t interst me at all either. Unforgettable, that’s what you aren’t…

29. Sudou Maasa

Sudou Maasa-446378

Grumps is my least favourote Berryz. Berryz. Least favourite. Least favourite Berryz. Sorry just letting those words roll around my tongue. A group I don’t like really unfortunately. It’s taken a huge lack of effort for Maasa to be my least liked member of one the least interesting groups.

28. Tsugunaga Momoko

Tsugunaga Momoko-452285

You’re a shitty nan. Well you certainly aren’t a child anymore. Grow up, change the hair and you will be attractive again. Lose the idol personality as it doesn’t work on you. Next!

27. Kumai Yurina

Kumai Yurina-411011

She’s tall you know. Name something else about her?

26. Tamura Meimi

Tamura Meimi-437719

She’s still annoying but unlike the members above (barring Momochi) she is at least memorable. And at least she’s not quite as annoying as Momochi. Plus she is only young so the annoying personality is more forgivable. I’m actually being positive about Countess Dracula? What is this? When was I bitten? Next I’ll be eating insects!

25. Fukumura Mizuki

Fukumura Mizuki, Magazine-444731

Yesterday upon the stage

I saw an idol with a vacant gaze

I’m not sure she was really there

I’m not sure I should really care

When I last watched a dvd

The idol I could not see

When I looked around the hall

I couldn’t see her there at all

Gone away gone away. Don’t come back anymore.

Oh no wait you were there but compared to others you’re a bore.

Last night I saw upon the stage

An idol with a vacant gaze

Is she there again today?

To be honest even if I looked I couldn’t say.

Mizugonish (c) Morningtime 2014

24. Sugaya Risako

Sugaya Risako-450068

Risako often gives the impression that she doesn’t care but I think she still has a good voice and hilariously bad clothes sense. At least it makes her funny. Unintentionally funny granted but a laugh is a laugh.

23. Fukuda Kanon

Fukuda Kanon-443239

To be fair to Kanon in terms of S/mileage’s history it should be well past midnight. Yet she’s still out there having a ball. Respect is due for that at least.

22. The rest of Juice=Juice (see below)

Juice=Juice, Kanazawa Tomoko, Miyamoto Karin, Miyazaki Yuka, Takagi Sayuki, Uemura Akari-451287

I am still not sure of any of them except PussPuss. I think one stands out more than the others but I can’t remember her name so I’m not sure she totally deserves a solo mention yet. :p

21. Kudou Haruka

Kudo Haruka-449566

Gotta love a tomboy who jokes about her gender. She’s low down (like her voice) but I do like her.

20 Sayashi Riho

Sayashi Riho-441791

Super talented and doesn’t seem to care. Sort of like Momusu’s Risako but without the terrible clothes. She was my favourite in the ninth gen auditions and she has more than lived up to the promise she showed. Her personality doesn’t really grab me though.

19. Natsuyaki Miyabi

Natsuyaki Miyabi-441458

Neigh guesses for the kind of comments I could make here. No need for a long face though as I shall not repeat myself. Miyabi is a good singer and I do like her. However she’s quite low down my list even so. I don’t mind watching her but I wouldn’t seek her out especially. She’s just one of those likeable but unremarkable idols. Well they can’t all be number ones.

18. Okai Chisato

Okai Chisato-441666

Gotta love a tomboy who is competitive and strong-willed. I love the other C-ute members more though but I respect Chissa a lot.

17. Shimizu Saki

Shimizu Saki-425996

Personally I find Captain rather sweet. I don’t know what it is but her very lack of a typical idol aura makes me respect her lasting this long. She just seems like a really ordinary sweet person who keeps on keeping on. Much respect.

16. Miyamoto Karin

Miyamoto Karin-449819

Here pusspusspusspusspuss. If you could keep idols as pets Miyamoto would be perfect. She wouldn’t use up much space, would be relatively clean and would be great sitting on your lap. Err…moving quickly on…

15. Takeuchi Akari

Takeuchi Akari-452347

Maimicousin is growing up. She is looking more womanly these days. You gotta love a tomboy who becomes sexy. Plus she’s another competitive type and I like that.

14. Wada Ayaka

Magazine, Wada Ayaka-423933

The best looking of the current S/mileage members and the most appealling in terms of personality. She also has a good sideline in liking art. It adds an extra layer to her personality and makes me more interested in her. It’s almost like she’s three dimensional. 😛

13. Oda Sakura

Oda Sakura-452935

Last year I knew nothing about her. Now I know she does a great Ai-chan impression every time she sings or indeed everytime she shows her face. 😛 I think her star will continue to ascend in the coming years and so will her position in my ranking. She will be great. Honest! Trust me I’m from the internet!


12. Ishida Ayumi

Ishida Ayumi, Photobook-425578

Jaws misses out on a top ten place simply because I’ve changed the way I do things since last year (you’ll see why further down). Damn it she’s good looking though and this girl can dance. I’m actually quite surprised there are 11 ahead of her. Anyway at least I prefer the shark to the cat and the vampire.

11. Hagiwara Mai

Hagiwara Mai, Photobook-395495

Maimai has risen in my ranking since meeting her in Paris (actual pic of this historic occasion below). She is an idol who seems to have her own thing going on. She has grown up in C-ute as have they all of course but Maimai was the youngest and extra respect is due for her coming through everything so well. It can’t have been easy. I think she spoke a while ago about being bullied in school and also about her attitude becoming bad for a while. Yet now she is someone who stands out as being her own tye of person and she seems to have a good sense of humour too. She seems to have grown up really well. It’s all good. Seeing her populariy in Paris was nice (although of course I’m jealous Nacky wasn’t the chosen one).


Meeting Maimai.

10. Suzuki Airi

Photobook, Suzuki Airi-444469

Airi is just a bundle of humour and energy. Watching her is a guarantee of happiness. Alongside her very goofy personality she is also very talented and so must have put a lot of effort in to her singing and dancing. She is a real all-round talent and is such a strong presence in Hello! Project and such a good idol.

9. Ikuta Erina

Ikuta Erina-452875

Okay okay you’re not dropping. Sorry!

I still like Eripon. She’s still in my top ten. Yet something is up. I think she’s dropping a lot. Maybe I just haven’t paid her enough attention recently. When I do I tend to find her funny and entertaining. I wish she’d have some solo work though. Like Haruna it would be nice to see her have her own photobook. Also some solo songs for members on future Momusu albums or even just in concerts would be good. I want to see the members given a chance to shine on their own. I want to notice Eripon again.

8. Tokunaga Chinami

Photobook, Tokunaga Chinami-307279

Chinny is an idol I could easily overlook. After all it’s not like I make much of an effort with Berryz. Yet she is always high in my ranking. I think a sleepy, slyly humorous and rather leggy idol is just my type of thing really. Pity she wasn’t in C-ute.

7. Suzuki Kanon

Suzuki Kanon-408641

Kanon is just hilarious. Watch her on any programme and her personality shines through. She is the funniest idol in H!P right now and has been since she joined. That humour is something I love. I just want to hug her so much. Suzuki Kanon is bloody awesome. You hear me? BLOODY AWESOME!

6. Hamaura Ayano

Hamaura Ayano, Magazine-445428

And now we see why Maimai and Ayumi aren’t in the top ten. I have decided to throw in my two favourite Kenshuusei. Ayano is just this little ball of cuddly huggability. Look at her. Just look. Aww! She is freaking adorable. Put her in a unit. Do it. Do it now! NOW!

5. Iikubo Haruna

Iikubo Haruna-416688

Hi Honey. Can I drink your lovely nectar? I mean err…she’s a little charmer isn’t she? And those eyes are so pretty. And she’s all slim and I mean err…nom? She could easily have had the nickname Charmy but I think someone beat her to it.

Taguchi Hana goes here.


If Sakura Gakuin were H!P Hana would be right here. The big-eyed little wrestle monster is just so lovely!

4. Tanabe Nanami

Magazine, Tanabe Nanami-416154

Tanapyon! Why you not in a unit yet? Come on Tsunku hurry up. Watching Nanami is such a similar experience for me to watching young Yuuka in High-King and that’s high praise indeed. It was idol love at first sight and unlike with some idols that original instinct has been borne out in the intervening years since I first saw her. This girl is the archetypal idol. Cute, lovable and just squeeeeeeful. HNNNNNNNG!

2. Michishige Sayumi


Sayumi is still there. Now leading Momusu and loving all her lolis. Sayu has been great over the past few years. Her love and enthusiasm for Momusu has never waned. She still seems to be loving every minute…probably because she’s a lolicon. Breathtaking beauty, great humour and a lovely heart.  As near perfection as you can get.

2. Yajima Maimi

Yajima Maimi-447474

Maimi is just the coolest, prettiest, fittest, most good-natured, hilariously unreliable and most fancied friend I will never have. Basically Maimi is amazing.

Yes there were two at 2 but I just can’t split them.

Horiuchi Marina goes here!


If Sakura Gakuin were in H!P Marina would be here. I adore her so much. Her energy is just so so wonderful. She is so funny and cute and entertaining. But she isn’t in H!P. Still my number 2 idol though even though strictly speaking she just graduated. I don’t care. She’s not been around long enough. I refuse to think of her as an ex-idol!

1. Nakajima Saki

Nakajima Saki, Photobook-441578

Big surprise huh? My heart was won ages ago. She had me at Ai-chan’s graduation. Those beautiful big brown eyes, that huge fishy gob, the way she’s grown from this shy young girl into this really excellent dancer and really reliable MC. She has gotten better and better year upon year and probably doesn’t even think of Hitler as her type of guy anymore. What a girl! Nobody will take number 1 from her unless Ai-chan makes a bizarrely unlikely return to Momusu. Nacky is lovely and you are all mean for liking someone else more. 😛




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