Michishige Sayumi is Graduating

It’s been announced today that Sayu will graduate this Autumn. Due to her age and length of service it’s not exactly a huge surprise but it’s still a shame. Personally it’s interesting as Sayu is the last of the original members from when I first became a fan. I became a fan during the Ai-chan to pandas period. Ai-chan is my favourite idol ever and so her graduation probably means a little bit more to me than Sayu’s however Sayu’s feels big too because she’s my current favourite and the last of the gang so to speak. Actually even with Ai-chan it wasn’t unexpected for similar reasons to Sayu. Junjun’s probably hurt the most as she was my second favourite and had never seemed to get too many chances to shine and then she was gone too soon. Although when she did manage to get on tv shows or in fan club events she was always hugely entertaining. Anyway I digress. This post is about Sayu and I.

Michishige Sayumi has given pretty much half her life to being an idol and she has been fantastic. She might not have the best voice but her personality is huge. She has managed to constantly stand out due to her humour and her natural beauty. Her “black-heart” humour certainly has helped cement a career outside of Morning Musume. She works a lot on tv and after her graduation I’d expect this to continue. It’s also easy to overlook how important her ability to self-promote is for the group. Any idol is representing not just herself but the group too. During the less successful days when Momusu weren’t even managing to sell 40,000 copies of singles Sayu was there on tv shows being hilarious. That publicity isn’t just personal. She is Michishige Sayumi from Morning Musume and so it’s publicity for the group too. Of course not everyone will like a personality but I’m sure there’s plenty of people who knew Momusu were still going through seeing Sayu and I’m sure at least some will have checked them out and bought cd’s. Plus all publicity is good publicity. Any tv producers thinking of booking a group would be glad to know a member like Sayu will be involved as it’s a guaratee of good tv. So Sayu was important during Momusu’s darker days.

WIth that in mind her graduation now means that out of all “my” members she is the one leaving on a high. Five number ones on a run for the first time in their history, increasing sales and thus more visible than for a long long time. Sayu is leaving a group that’s on a wave of success. Sadly others like Ai-chan, Eri, the pandas, Koharu and so on didn’t have that success to leave behind them. So Sayu is going at a great time for the group. She can look back not just on her years there as a whole but on her years as leader with great pride.

Of course her leaving will leave a hole in some ways. To me she is by far the biggest personality in the group and the biggest beauty. However there is a chance for others to step forward and grasp the limelight and there will be a new gen too. I hope someone like Haruna can step up and with her natural charm grab some of that available light.

Ultimately huge fans of Sayu wil be sad today but I’d suggest being happy and grateful. Sayu has outlasted all other Momusu idols and most idols outside of Momusu too. She has given 11 and a half years of great entertainment and beauty and she’ll be leaving the group as leader during their second coming. Such a great time to have one last bow and leave. It’s a time of celebration for her, for all the entertainment she has given and for all she has achieved. Plus I’m sure she’ll continue in the spotlight. Who knows, maybe us European fans will be lucky and will be treated to a personal appearance like with Ai-chan and Niigaki in Paris through J-Melo. Well I’m sure we’ll see more of her anyway. I’m sure through Up-Front she’ll still have fan club events, live dvd’s and lots of merchandise. So it’s not a time of feeling sad it’s a time for her fans to think of her success and think “she’s leaving on a high” and that is great!

Anyway as she is without a doubt one of the prettiest idols ever here is some picspam to end on. Oh and as for this blog I will be back to normal this week and reviewing Hello! Station’s again. I missed the last two weeks due to being back in England and having little in the way of internet. Oh and on another note this is a slightly unexpected post but it is also post number 600. How fitting that I now fill it with Sayu picspam!

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Good luck Sayu! I’m sure you’ll move on to even more success and I like many others will be waiting and watching. 🙂


21 responses to “Michishige Sayumi is Graduating

  1. Wow, she certainly has had quite a good run with Momusu. I think it took her a while to really find her place though. I remember thinking back some time ago that she didn’t have much personality and actually seemed kind of boring. That certainly has not been the case for some years now, as you mentioned, while she has been such a strong presence for the group. Well, I wish her the best after her graduation. I don’t imagine she’ll have any trouble finding work beyond Momusu and H!P.

      • Great pics, btw, except for that yellow bikini toward the end. I find that really unflattering for her, unlike the outfits in the rest of the pics here.

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  3. I haven’t finished reading through the entire post, I’m sorry but the tears get in the way… T T

    I’ve been following her since shortly after her debut and she’s been my absolute favorite ever since.
    The way Sayu announced her graduation and how she reached that decision is just so very like her that even though it will always be too soon in my mind, I just can’t help myself from loving her even more >_<

    So I just want to thank you for writing this tribute to Sayu. Thank you for everyone else who've supported Sayu. And most importantly of all…

    Thank you Sayu for bringing us 11 great years of of such wonderful memories! Your dedication, your love for what you do, your thoughtfulness and kindness to others. I'm proud to say that you're one of my role models.
    You are and always will be, the greatest of Idols for me and one of the very few who's worthy of the true meaning of that word.

    Congratulations on your graduation Sayu! For hereon after please have a happy, fruitful and blessed life too \(T∇T)/

  4. I feel the opposite. I’m glad because she’s played her part and now she’s moving on. I understand a lot of people are upset as well because she was the last member of Platinum Era and even during Shabondama era but I’m still happy she’s leaving.

    She will be missed but not by me. I want to see how Morning Musume will evolve now with members from 2011 to now.

    • Well of course not everyone was a fan of her and it will be interesting to see how Momusu moves forward with just 9th to 12th gens. 12th gen sounds weird. I’m not even used to saying 11th gen because I never do. I just say Oda. >< But even though I will miss Sayu I will be interested in seeing how Momusu evolves. I'm hoping that both sub-leaders become joint leaders. Haruna would make a good leader due to her charm. She'd be great on tv shows being introduced as co-leader. I think Riho and Ayami are both strong members and Oda Sakura is going to be brilliant. I am really excited about how she is developing. As always the graduation will be emotional but also an exciting time for the group overall.

  5. I’ve been a Momusu fan since late 2005. No graduation has affected me as much as Yossies did. That was devastating. But although I’ve come to expect MIchishige to always be there, I don’t feel a very strong connection to her. Not like Reina. I felt like crying when I read her graduation announcement.

    Just seems wrong though, that the only future I can see for Sayu is a variety idol like Yaguchi became after she left.

    • I think the biggest talent Sayu has is her ability to promote (herself) so I guess variety idol will be it. Her voice isn’t really the type to lend itself to a solo career.

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    • I think it’s just the usual photobook style of moody posing. The one thing I’d like to see more in photobooks is the idol’s usual happy smile. I’d like to see more photos that are reminiscent of the official photos that Hello! Shop sell.Cute poses and the like.

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