Hello! Station Ep 68

Okay there’s been a bit of an unexpected break in my reviews/recaps of H!S but I’m back now. This week’s show starts off with the slightly better of Berryz upcoming double A side single. Even if it’s slightly better than the other song it’s still not exactly great. I’m sure Berryz themselves could come up with a dozen or so far better singles from other groups from the past year or so.


Yeah that’s one song that’s better. Anyway after Berryz I’m sure things will pick up. Who is the host? I’ve enjoyed the hosts recently. It’s a chance to spend some time in the company of idols you like but who you don’t necessarily see that often. Idols who aren’t top of your favourites but who you nevertheless are fond of. I’ve enjoyed seeing Oda Sakura and Natsuyaki Miyabi in recent times for instance so I’m always looking forward to see who MC is…



So after Berryz lacklustre song (although a lot of non-Berryz fans seem to like it) and after Ma Saki (or is it Grandma Saki?) things are bound to improve. So next up is…


Ah come on! Yes it’s some live performance.


At least there are Kenshuusei members there too but it’s one of those ‘one camera angle in the distance’ clips. They aren’t that interesting even when you like the group. The performance is followed by a quick talk bit. I’ve only just noticed Tall is missing…


Okay after that surely now something of interest?


Oh. The dance group thing. I don’t get the point of them. Mind you, you know how those solo dvd’s in places like Hawaii used to be full of fun but slowly became silent movies? Maybe I’ve seen the future. Maybe they’ll be silent idols one day. No more singing just dancing. >.>

Still at least there’s a little bit of Nacky. 🙂


Following that was some segment involving Juice=Juice playing with some balls (phnaar). Siamoto Catin probably started pawing at hers, chasing after them and then rolling around on her back…


Following Juicy=Juicy is the highlight of any week’s show. Yes the bit where a Berryz member looks at an old concert clip. >.> This week it’s Geegee wearing the kind of hat a horse masquerading as a human would wear if she wanted to hide her big horsey ears. Just saying…


Old school Berryz are followed by a Kenshuusei interviews bit. It starts off with Hamaura Ayano. The second best Sushi after Nanami! 🙂


Don’t like her shirt but damn she’s cute!

And that was it for the week. No S/mileage doing things weakly to round things off this time. All in all a show that’s great for Berryz fans. Otherwise it was very short on items. The only music came from Berryz via a new pv, a new live clip and an old live clip. Still I’m sure lots of Berryz fans will be happy at that. Hopefully next week will be a bit more interesting for those of us not so keen on them though.


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