Hello! Station ep72

And so it’s another Hello! Station show. This week presented by Eripon. Her speaking voice is Masaki level irritating but her personality less so.


First up this week is a live performance and first chance to listen to C-ute’s upcoming single The Power.

vlcsnap-2014-06-19-00h24m33s101 vlcsnap-2014-06-19-00h24m42s166 vlcsnap-2014-06-19-00h25m17s24

The song starts off with a mystical eastern sounding vibe and that along with it’s general immediately forgettable tune conjures up thoughts of Berryz Kobo. Maybe Tsunku’s illness is meaning less time to create new songs. There’s only one A-side this time and even the B-side is just an all members version of Kanashiki Heaven. When you think about it no H!P group has released an album yet this year so I guess maybe this is a year for just ticking along. If so that’s very understandable. But back to the song and the eastern vibe reminds me of Golden China Town somehow. I guess there’s some eastern buddha karma coming my way for all the times I’ve skitted at Berryz. Karma…maybe that’s the power. That’s the Power, now there was a good song but then that’s That’s the Power and not The Power. The Power doesn’t sound nearly as good as That’s the Power but then that’s That’s the Power for you. It had a far catchier tune. Unlike The Power. The Power just doesn’t have nearly as much power as That’s the Power had. But then that’s That’s the Power and this is just The Power. Err…moving on and following C-ute it’s Ken’s Sushi with two live songs including a new one called Crying. So that’ll be a happy feelgood genki type of track then…


Nice to see a new outfit for them. Although it’s back to the old outfit for a Juice=Juice accompanied performance of Ten Made Nobore!


Crying is a nice enough sounding song on first impressions and Ten Made Nobore! is always good to hear. Pity there was no Hamachan or Nanami though.

The next rather long section is a Juice=Juice fashion show for girls where two experts give advice and the girls do a quick walk up and down for the assembled female audience at the end…


It was a bit boring and overlong for me but I did like hearing the reaction of the audience when the girls did their walk. Karin in particular got excited squeels.

The following section is the one where a Berryz member watches an old DVD where you can hardly see or hear the performance and where the member hardly says anything. It’s a bit like watching a DVD with someone who has a headache, doesn’t like you very much and you’ve lost your glasses. This week someone has replaced Captain with a young woman who looks vaguely like her…


I skit at Berryz a lot but I do like Captain. I also like Geegee…I mean Miyabi. And I really like Chinami too. I’ll be at Japan Expo in two weeks and I’m really looking forward to seeing C-ute again. I’m excited to see Shokotan who I’ve liked for years too. But it will also be nice to see Berryz as well. Especially Chinami. Well especially Chinami’s legs. Nom! I’ll also be keeping an eye out for a little inde idol group called Orange Port. I think my favourite member will be Moeko Nagai. But I digress (frequently). Yes it’s fair to say this Berryz old DVD corner seems odd. I mean it could be fun but it always falls flat.

Talking of flat it’s time for the heya arrangey corna. Or should that be coma? This time Eripon (who is wearing a t-shirt I alternate between liking a lot or not at all) is doing Mizuki. Ooer, etc.

vlcsnap-2014-06-19-00h50m41s160 vlcsnap-2014-06-19-00h50m51s14

That’s the before and after you know. Spot the difference? Oh okay she did stuff at the side…


When the ninth gen joined I immediately warmed to Eripon but since then it’s been a slow cooling off period. I still quite like her but I’m not sure. I think I’ll keep her friend zoned. It’s just sometimes her expressions make her seem like she’s heavily constipated or else drinking vinegar. Also her speaking voice is a bit shrill. In ninth gen I also warmed immediately to Kanon. She’s my favourite of that group. So funny. But I digress. By the way this is Moeko Nagai…


Cute huh? See? Digression.

But back to Hello! Station and it’s ended. Bye bye.


Well it wasn’t a classic for me. As usual though if you like the individuals or groups involved then there’ll be something for you. My interest this week was in C-ute’s single and the Kenshuusei performances. However for first listen I think The Power has made one of the weakest impacts on me of any of C-ute’s singles. But that’s The Power I guess. Now if it was That’s the Power it would be a whole different kettle of Koi carp. But then that’s That’s the Power and not The Power. The Power isn’t a patch on That’s the Power and that’s the truth. But that’s The Power. Err, where was I? A home for the mentally deranged? Well anyway maybe The Power will grow on me. As for the Sushi, they didn’t even have my favourite members. Damn it! >< Why did God Tsunku forsake me? WHY?

Well here’s to next week which I’m sure will be better. Maybe…



3 responses to “Hello! Station ep72

  1. This episode had wall to wall Eripon, so for me it was a winner!
    Keep her friend-zoned, I warmed to her in place of you 😛

    • Okay. She’ll stay friend zoned. Haruna and Oda is enough for me. Well once you factor in Sayu, Nacky, Maimi, Chinami, Tanapyon, Hamachan, members from Sakura Gakuin and all the ex H!P members I like then it’s enough. I only have so much stamina.

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