Berryz Kobo to Graduhiatus

It’s been announced today that from Spring 2015 Berryz will be suspending their activities and going on hiatus. Berryz suspension of activities? So they are splitting up basically. Although I guess they could come back as a Melon Kinenbi not-really-idols-anymore type group in the future. It probably says a lot about me though that my first thought on hearing the news was “I hope C-ute don’t follow anytime soon.” This was quickly followed by the thoughts “Chinami! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and “Maybe Berryz going gives room for a new group with Hamachan & Nanami.”

It’s odd that when typing the group’s name on my phone it always ends up spelling “Beeryz”. Perhaps that’s why they’re going.

Captain: Miyabi come on we’re on stage in 10 minutes.

Miyabi: (Hic). Pish off. I want another Asahi.

Captain: Another? You’ve had five already. And that’s only since we got to the dressing room. God knows how many you had in the bus.

Miyabi: F…f…f…fuck yoeeeeurrrrrggggghhhhh

Captain: Where are the Kenshuusei? Clean up on aisle twelve!

Nanami: Oh for gods sake. Again? I thought we were supposed to be training to be idols, not cleaners. *Gets mop and bucket*

Captain: This is what ten years of concerts and events does to you. Watching us is an education!

Maasa: Yeah! Now get one of the cuter trainees to come and massage my neck! And bring me another scotch!

Nanami: Hamachan! Come here! Bring whisky and massage oil.

Maasa: And your cute little arse!


I can just imagine Risako and Momoko needing several bottles of wine each to face the audience…or themselves in the mirror.

Risako: Shit. Fans again today. *Opens another bottle. Swigs straight from it*

Momoko: Hair time. I…I..I CAN’T FACE IT ANYMORE!

Chinami: Jeez. Here. Have another bottle of red.

Momo: *glugglugglug* Ah I’m so fuckin’ cute now! *Starts crying*


Hello I am Morningtime and you all hate me now don’t you?

But all joking aside you have to look at the facts. Ten years is a long time for an idol group that doesn’t change it’s line-up to continue for. Even groups that do change their line-up mostly don’t last that long. Momusu are the exception really. So it’s been a good innings. I do wonder what they will all go on to do. But they will all have their ambitions I guess even if for some it may just be for an ordinary life. I’m hoping Chinami’s ambition is to find that English fan who lives in Finland and become his best friend. 🙂 Being a horse Miyabi might be put out to stud. ^^ No shortage of volunteers for that job I’d bet. I guess Momo has the best chance of a tv career if she wants to carry on in entertainment. Well whatever they want to do I wish them luck.

It’s just been a matter of time before this kind of announcement was made (please not C-ute anytime soon). Idol groups don’t last forever. Well at least the idols themselves don’t. They all leave eventually. But hey the music lives on. For me that means Piriri to Yukou!, Dschinghis Khan, Dakishimete Dakishimete and of course the brilliant Cha Cha SING! Just the four songs really but I was never exactly a big fan. I only ever liked the odd song (and some of those just mentioned were certainly odd). However I’ve always ranked dear Chinami very highly and since meeting her in Paris those feelings have only grown. Just last week I was saying how odd it’d be if C-ute disbanded because with Sayu leaving that’d make Chinami my number one. Imagine that. A Berryz member my number one idol. Irony! But the irony instead is that just a week later it’s Berryz who are going (which is a lot more expected than C-ute anyway).

Even though I’m not a big fan I will miss Chinami and Miyabi. They are my two clear favourites from the group and they make great lovers.

Err..yes. Well in my mind that’s obviously what Chinami was hinting at. ^^

Idols always leave. I’ve been through it with Ai-chan (expected), Junjun (not expected as much) and Yuuka (so not expected) so I know how fans of the group must feel. In fact it might be even worse for big Berry fans as they are all going. But that’s the nature of the entertainment industry. I hope whatever the future holds that the members go on to success in their lives. They worked so hard for a long time. They grew up with Hello! Project quite literally. Now a new chapter begins. Before that though there’s just time to enjoy what is left of their H!P careers until next spring. After that it wouldn’t surprise me if C-ute aren’t far behind really. Life would seem odd without those two groups. The very fact they grew up together makes them feel like family members. You can’t really say that about G/rimace or Juice=Juice. It’s something actually very unique in the idol industry I think. Twelve girls who have known each other from such a young age and who have worked together so long. There’s a charm to that that will never be replaced.

But hey C-ute are still together for now and Berryz are here until next Spring so let’s all just put the booze down for a little while and enjoy what we have. Okay? Miyabi put down the beer. Momo you don’t need the wine. Chinami please pick Risako up off the floor. She’s face down in her own vomit. Maasa wake up Yurina and give her lots of water. She’s probably dehydrated from all that alcohol. Oh and stop doing that with Hamachan. I know 14 is legal but it doesn’t make it right! Come on everyone. There’s still many shows left to perform. So smooth down your hair and put your make-up on. The show must go on!


*I will probably make a further picspam post later. A look back at Berryz Chinami through the years.*




7 responses to “Berryz Kobo to Graduhiatus

  1. My favourite part is :
    Momoko: Hair time. I…I..I CAN’T FACE IT ANYMORE!
    Chinami: Jeez. Here. Have another bottle of red.
    Momo: *glugglugglug* Ah I’m so fuckin’ cute now! *Starts crying*
    That was pure awesomeness XDDDDD
    But yeah I’m glad I had the opportunity to meet them in person. I wonder if the announcement they had in mind affected the way they behaved in Paris. Was it a normal Berryz behaviour to be bit laid back (minus the Momo spazz)? Maybe it’s just me projecting this hiatus thingy on my memories of Japan Expo.

    • I’m really glad now that I got to meet my darling Chinami (and to a lesser extent Miyabi) and that I got to see them perform the four singles in ten years that I like (slightly catty huh? XD)

      I’m not sure about their behaviour at the Expo. Chinami was really funny but otherwise it was just the Momo show. Then again to me that seems very Berryz anyway.

  2. Indeed.
    The signs were all there, but it was still a bombshell.
    Now that the clock’s been set, let’s enjoy our remaining days in the VERY NICE BERRY FIELDS until it’s Bye Bye Mata ne time.


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