Question Time

Hello. I’m David Bumblebee…Morning Morningtimebelby and welcome to tonight’s Question Time.

Well sort of. You see I tend to write about the same things a lot. Nacky, Hello! Station, Nacky, C-ute, Nacky, Nacky, Nacky and of course occasionally Nacky…and then I saw Chiima over at Okay! Musume Time had done a Q&A session. Well plagiarism is a great form of flattery so here is me being a flatterer. What I’d like is for people to ask me questions. Questions about anything. “Who is the best member of S/mileage?” “What is it about the idol community you think could be changed for the better?” “How do I get that girl to like me?” “If there are zebra crossings why can’t there be tiger crossings too? They’d look so pretty!” “Which idol would look the cutest while vomiting?” “If I draw a pentagram on the floor and make demonic incantations will Ayayaya rise from beyond the grave?” “How do I get Mitsui to sit still while I trim her fur?” “What’s the best flavour of door handle?” Anything at all. To do so you can leave a comment here or you can ask me on Twitter at or even over at Ask.FM where you can ask anonymously too. No bullying! >.>

Anyway in a week or so I’ll make a post with my answers. Or else I’ll get no questions in which case I’ll pretend this whole thing never happened. ><


3 responses to “Question Time

  1. Do you listen to anything from the AKB48 universe (i.e. AKB48 and/or all related groups – SKE48, NMB48, etc.

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