Yes another obviously-entitled post that does what it says.

My darling Chinami is looking lovely but Risako is letting herself go a bit...


In Japan you can now buy My Little Pony hoodies that come with the face attached…


Tsunku’s idol science lab is producing the goods…


Aww Ai-chan and Odai Sakurahashi together like mum and daughter. Well idol and clonespawn.

There was a rumour going round that a picture existed that showed Shokotan is a lesbian


Turned out it was just another pic of her licking cat. >.>

Actually I think Chinami is letting herself go too. Must be the forthcoming Graduhaitus...


Next up for old time’s sake have a picture of the 8th gen…


Talking of the 8th gen there’s a subliminal message here and Captain will be free to date from next year. I predict H!P’s first ex-members married couple…


I mean come on! “Gay”, “gay”, “gay” and “love me”? Obvious!

And now an interactive moment…


Make your own joke! Although personally I think a My Little Miyabi range has quite a ring to it.


“Please let me in a group soon. Please let me in a group soon. Please let me in a group soon…”


“Please let me in a group soon. Please let me in a group soon. Please let me in a group soon…”

And now for a comment that sounds rude but is actually meaningless…


I’d peek at her chu.

Next up Juice=Juice and look…

BucYkceCcAESNNH.jpg large

…Miyacato Kitten is a lapcat.

Never mind Tsunku it seems someone else has cloned Ai-chan…


Berryz members break down in tears as the reality hits them…


Yes they have to stay together for a few more months.

And now for a Pocket Morning C-ute question…


Aww shucks!

And the award for worst shoes goes to…


Everone. It’s a tie. Congratulations!

TV viewers are starting to complain that punishment games aren’t really punishing anymore…


That’s not what I’d call a punishment game. I’d call it happy happy fun time and how much do I owe? Credit card okay?

And now some S/mileage members answer a Pocket Morning…


Talking of S/mileage it’s not often you see Takechan hanging out with Sayu and Riho…


And finally H!P starts to broaden it’s services. Coming to a phone box near you soon some special cards…

blog, Iikubo Haruna-482529

Call 0878-01183764544 and ask for Honey’s special fan service.


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