Pocket Morningtime

You may remember a few weeks ago I requested questions for my blog. Well several came in so welcome on a journey into the mind of Morningtime. Over 18’s only…well okay over 16’s only. Mind the gaps.

Clocutron asked “Do you listen to anything from the AKB48 universe (i.e. AKB48 and/or all related groups – SKE48, NMB48, etc?

Well in a word no. In a longer word noooooooooooo! Two words? is “ARGHHHHHHHHHHH” a word? Basically whenever I’ve listened I’ve just found the music not that interesting. I like groups outside of Hello! Project though. I love Sakura Gakuin and really like Babymetal too. Plus Momoiro Clover Z, Shoko Nakagawa and recently Orange Port. I saw Nogiwhatever 46 at Japan Expo and found the choir style singing and the songs dull. I guess the forty-something type groups just aren’t my thing one way or other.

Mico on Twitter asked “who would you rather be stuck in a room with; Momochi, Ayayayayyaya, or Aika?

I queried the terms of the question and cyanide pills weren’t an option. If the question was who would you want to be stuck in a room with least of all it’d be Ayayayayaya. She gives off a vibe of snake-like charm. Hsssss hssss smile smile hssss. I’d feel every question is actually a trap while she builds up a dossier of information with which to bring about my total destruction. Eviiiiiil! So Woofy or Momochi? With Momo it’d either be that she keeps up the idol persona for the whole time in which case only one of us would leave the room alive or else she’d eventually crack, start crying and be constantly asking if I have any booze.

Me: “FOR THE UMPTEENTH TIME I DON’T HAVE ANY GIN. Please stop crying. Aww please. Just try and relax. Let your hair down. No really. Let it down. Seriously. You look fucking mental.”

Mitsui actually seems kind of sweet. Shit as an idol obviously but as a person she seems nice enough in a ‘slightly retarded dog’ kind of way. Bless her. It’s almost as if she understands. So in the end my answer would be Mitsui.

Be right back. Need several showers and to drink some bleach.


Okay now for lots of anonymous questions from Ask FM.

Questions for your blog post! Which idols would make up your dream shuffle unit? You can pick idols from other groups as well if you want to, not just Hello! Project. Elaborate if you want.

I’d say for an almost dream shuffle unit you need look no further than DIY. Nacky, Maimi, Chinami and Haruna go really well together. My fave two C-ute members, my fave Berryz and one of my top Momusus. I’d pick those four for sure (I like Miyabi too but probably would choose someone else). I’d add in Nanami as a Kenshuusei will give a High-King flavour and High-King were fantastic. Nanami is overdue some fully fledged H!P work. Maybe Oda Sakura too as I like what I’ve seen but I still don’t have a big grip on her (stop making up your own jokes. I don’t want that kind of grip). I’d like to see a lot more. These days with less tv shows featuring H!P it’s harder to really get to know an idol so I’d put her in and watch the making-of. ^^ If I was going to parachute in people from outside of H!P I’d put Horiuchi Marina in there as she’s just so funny and cute. Maybe Suzuka Nakamoto too. She’s got a good voice and think of the publicity!

Next up “Same as the previous question, but instead of a dream, this shuffle unit is your nightmare. Which idols would you pick?

For an almost nightmare like shuffle unit that’s actually a proper group look no further than S/mileage. Well actually I’d definitely choose Rinathingy and Kanaface. Or is that Kanathingy and Rinaface? Well anyway two idols who seem boring and instantly forgettable to me. I’d also choose the tall young one from Juice=Juice as I’d be continuing the dull vibe. I guess throw in Yurina and Massa and then the final killer blow would be the absolutely awful Sato Masaki and hey presto! The most irritatingly boring group ever with just that one member who is so annoying that the other members dullness actually seems like a virtue in comparison. Their first single would be called Sayonara Never See You Again Adios Bye Bye Cyanide! I’d give the unit the title Sayon-ide because every H!P group needs a / or a – or a = or something similar. Actually the good group could be called #Thigh/King. Two funny symbols plus whenever anybody mentions them on Twitter it’s an instant hashtag. Win/win! Ooh there’s a good idea for a name too!

Next question “What do you like most about yourself?

Err…that’s…ummmm…hard to answer. That I’m not a politician? Okay serious answer? Well more serious anyway. I guess I feel I’m an empathetic person (there’s an “em” there that a lot of people don’t see. >.>) Despite my humour I’m actually a caring person who wants people to be happy and to achieve their full potential. I guess I’d say that then. Otherwise I don’t really know what I’d say. I find it weird even thinking about it. I see flaws far more easily.

If you could change one thing in yourself what would that be?

I worry far too much. For instance everyday I have to check the mirror just to confirm I’m still the cutest. >.>

If you were an idol within a group like Morning Musume, which chara would you choose for yourself?

Well with Sayu graduating I think there’s a space for the cute, funny, sharp tongued, black hearted but ultimately caring character. Thaaaaaaaaaaat’s Morningtime! Oi! Stop laughing! You evil gits.

What’s your recurring dream/nightmare?

I have a few. One is that I’m taking an exam and I’m totally unprepared. I haven’t studied in well over a decade but I still have that nightmare. Another one I’ve had ever since childhood is where I wake up and everything is pitch black and the only thing I can see is the tv is on and showing static. I keep trying the lights and they aren’t working. It’s weird because I’m not scared of the dark at all. The dream gives this weird feeling of helplessness though. It’s like I’m on my own and the whole world has gone dark except that creepy static. I was always scared of tv static as a kid for some reason. O-o Oh and then there’s the recurring nightmare that S/mileage are releasing a new single. Honestly that one seems to come about every other month.

What irks you the most about fellow idol fans?

I tend to keep away from forums so the only fans I know are ones I know through Facebook or Twitter really. Obviously those are people I actually like. If I had to think of something I have noticed on forums it’s similar stuff to any fandom. Those who think their opinion is actually fact and anyone who disagrees is wrong.

Pepsi or Cola?

Cola tastes nicer. Presuming you mean Coca Cola. I want some of that Coke in an ice bottle they have in Japan. It looks cool (excuse the pun).

Okay it’s now Pocket Morningtime. “What’s a Hello Pro song you unintentionally start singing to yourself?

I tend to find myself singing along mentally to whatever good song I last heard. When I say “mentally” though I don’t mean singing in a mad voice like a loon Masaki. I guess some songs are always bubbling subconsciously near the surface. Cha Cha Sing has been there since Japan Expo though so that seems a fitting answer.

Do you have a trick for looking cute in photos?

Yes this is easy. There are several tricks that when used together give great results every time. Firstly I hold the camera at an angle like above the head or to the side. Then use your hand to mask any features you don’t like about your face. So if you don’t like your chin put your fingers there. The hand can block something out, give the impression that something is slimmer or just deflect attention completely. Alternatively you can hold something in the photo. This is even better as hand plus object equals less face. Also make sure your pose is cute. It’s best to decide the angle and pose then just as the photo is to be taken assume the position. Staying in position more than a fraction of a second makes everything seem stiff and forced.  The final part of my trick and by far the most essential is to have someone else stand in for me. I prefer a cute Japanese girl. By implementing these techniques I can take a photo of myself and end up with pics like these…

blog, Nakajima Saki-456137blog, Nakajima Saki-469779 blog, Nakajima Saki-469879 blog, Nakajima Saki-477324 blog, Nakajima Saki-479368 blog, Nakajima Saki-482812

For added cuteness you can also invite along a friend…

blog, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-472748 blog, Nakajima Saki, Yajima Maimi-476125

By using my techniques you are pretty much guaranteed great pics every time. Well almost…

blog, Nakajima Saki-472378 blog, Nakajima Saki-470754

Who is cuter, Momochi or Morningtime?

Does this even need answering? When it comes to being the cutest Morningtime is clearly number 1. Everyone else follows. Yurushite Nyan. Nyan nyan! *peace sign, pout and fluttering eyelids*

If you were to do a coordinate to look like twins, who would you do it with and what kind of coordinate would it be?

I’d do it with Nacky and it’d be a special nudey cosplay. Okay if that’s not allowed due to some bizarre definition of “coordinate” that involves actual clothing then I’d choose Berryz Want pv outfit and it’d be triplets with Maimi. ^^

Give yourself a reward! What would you buy?

Umm…Some Nacky goods! A new t-shirt maybe.

have you ever considered becoming a professional author and getting paid for it? you’d be great!

I haven’t. I’d love to be able to manage my own time and work on my own but I know I’m in no way talented enough to make it as an author. The world is a far more sophisticated place these days. I’d not have the depth for writing. Maybe at a push I could do funny books for kids. XD

And final question “I’ve been feeling down lately… please give me a magic word to cheer me up!!

Shabadabadoo! If you say that three times while looking in a mirror Sayumi appears and playfully hits you on the top of the head. Who wouldn’t enjoy that? However if you say that word even once while outside then other people will look at you like you’ve gone Momo-level mental and you’ll be dragged away by men in white coats so please be careful.


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