Happy 28th Birthday Takahashi Ai!

September 14th (today as I’m writing this) is Ai-chan’s 28th birthday. It’s been a while since I did a birthday post but for my favourite ever idol it would seem rude not to. So here is a mix of some recent photos from Lovely’s blog plus some promotional pics. I particularly like the recent pics of Ai with the current Momusu members. Oh and Kamei Eri too!

  Takahashi Ai-489006Takahashi Ai-489036Takahashi Ai-489005Takahashi Ai-489035

NOM! And the cake looks tasty too! ^^Ai is promoting her new fashion style book (which is available here). Unusually for her it has the words “I” and “Ai” in it. It’s called I have Ai. I think it’s probaby a sex book because as everyone knows…


Here are a few more photos from the promotional appearance…

Takahashi Ai-488965 Takahashi Ai-489004 Takahashi Ai-489011

Of course it goes without saying AI looks amazing. Doesn’t she always?

blog, Takahashi Ai-486807

Well okay almost always. Actually if I was a furry…well maybe we’d better not go there. Let’s move back onto her book. Here is the cover and some pages…

Takahashi Ai-488868Takahashi Ai-488867

Takahashi Ai-488865 Takahashi Ai-488866 

That cover is just ! I have her first fashion book and can heartily recommend it. I’m sure this one will be worth having too.

Now let’s have another cake pic because nommyness…

blog, Takahashi Ai-487666

Because Nomminess? That would make a great Berykyuu song. Imagine the PV!

Now for the recent Momusu member pics. It’s always great when ex-members meet up with the current line-up. It reminds you that Momusu is like a big family. It stretches right back to Great Aunt Yuko, Auntie Abe and Grandma Kei and moves through elder sisters like Rika and Yossie continuing through cousins you don’t really like such as Kago Ai and Kusumi Crackharu, through distant cousins like Junjun and Linlin right through to today’s children like Haruna and Bigger Boat. One long line of (mostly) awesomeness. An unbroken line. There’s never been a totally new start. There’s always some from a previous line-up bringing newer members up. Former members always seem to hold the group in such high regard too excepting those few black sheep. Where a group like C-ute feels like family because they all grew up together a group like Momusu feels like many generations of an extended family. So it’s great to see the most beautiful member going home for a visit…    blog, Michishige Sayumi, Takahashi Ai-482622blog, Michishige Sayumi, Takahashi Ai-482621blog, Michishige Sayumi, Takahashi Ai-482724blog, Fukumura Mizuki, Takahashi Ai-482886blog, Ikuta Erina, Takahashi Ai-482730blog, Sayashi Riho, Takahashi Ai-483404blog, Suzuki Kanon, Takahashi Ai-482944blog, Suzuki Kanon, Takahashi Ai-482945blog, Iikubo Haruna, Takahashi Ai-482720blog, Iikubo Haruna, Takahashi Ai-482889   blog, Ishida Ayumi, Takahashi Ai-483407blog, Kudo Haruka, Takahashi Ai-482726    blog, Oda Sakura, Takahashi Ai-482728    Hello_Project-482841

I particularly love the pics with Sayu. Ai-chan and Sayu are such a cute couple!

To finish on there is also a recent blog pic of Ai with Kamei Eri (and some random others)…

blog, Fujimoto Miki, Kamei Eri, Takahashi Ai-483592

The feels! Eri has disappeared so much that when you get a sudden pic like this it’s like :):):):):):):):):):):D I hope she’s enjoying life!

But back to the main man…I mean woman…I mean Goddess. Ai-chan is such a beautiful person. I think she’s the main reason I went to see Momusu in Paris in 2010 and that’s a weekend that changed my life in so many wonderful ways. On a personal level that’s very fitting because to me Ai-chan is a wonderful person. It feels so right. So happy birthday to my eternal number 1! I’ve met a lot of idols now and still none come close to the feeling of meeting Ai. Pure beauty inside and out!


8 responses to “Happy 28th Birthday Takahashi Ai!

  1. Great post MT. It’s amazing how she’s grown up. It’s cool to compare these recent pics with her younger days. I just recently watched that crazy Minimoni film again (The Great Cake Adventure or something) and she’s so cute in that, especially in the catburgler suit.

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