S/mileage 3rd Gen

So S/mileage are adding new members from the Kenshuusei and possibly changing their name (come on F/ailage or G/rimace! Anything but S/mileage’14). Well I’d rather see them in a brand new unit created especially for them but even so I have two suggestions to make. Suggestion one: Hamaura Ayano and suggestion 2: Tanabe Nanami!

First up Hamachan! Hamachan is just such a cute idol. She has an adorable face and when performing just grabs the attention. Ironically she reminds me a lot of Maeda Yuuka at least in the way she catches the eye at such a young age. She’d inject so much cuteness into a group that started off full of cuteness but has lost it all along the way. Also it would signify a change of direction. So much of H!P is going the “Cool Hello” way at the moment but it’d be great to see a group that does happy, cute and fun songs again. Third gen is an ideal way to push S/mileage in that direction. Hamachan would fit that direction perfectly.

Hamaura Ayano, Magazine-467606 Hamaura Ayano-461980 Hamaura Ayano-481364 Hamaura Ayano-482872 Hamaura Ayano-482873 Hamaura Ayano-490302 Hamaura Ayano-490303 Hamaura Ayano-490304 Hamaura Ayano-490481

Secondly there’s Tanabe Nanami. Nanami is also very cute and has been my favourite Sushi for a long while. She goes really well with Hamachan and she deserves a unit. I’d prefer her in Momusu and could see her fitting in there more than Hamachan would but if she isn’t going to be announced as part of the 12th gen on September 30th (and I’m guessing she won’t be) then I’d love her to be in a unit with Ayano. She’s got lots of presence and lots of cuteness. She’s a good solid, reliable performer and a really lovely idol. I have a fear that she’ll end up leaving soon if she doesn’t get a chance to shine. Third gen is a great opportunity to make use of someone who is well liked and could have a bright future.

 Magazine, Tanabe Nanami-445430Tanabe Nanami-490660Magazine, Tanabe Nanami-451373 Tanabe Nanami-446605 Tanabe Nanami-446606 Tanabe Nanami-446607  Tanabe Nanami-488303 Tanabe Nanami-488338Tanabe Nanami-446609

And if you want proof of how cute Hamachan and Nanami are together just look below…

     Hamaura Ayano, Magazine, Tanabe Nanami-443712Hamaura Ayano, Tanabe Nanami-444350blog, Hamaura Ayano, Tanabe Nanami-480559blog, Hamaura Ayano, Tanabe Nanami-449971blog, Hamaura Ayano, Tanabe Nanami-449325blog, Hamaura Ayano, Tanabe Nanami-450267blog, Hamaura Ayano, Tanabe Nanami-446292

So cute together! ♥ ♥

If you haven’t seen the S/mileage 3rd gen announcement it’s in this week’s Hello! Station. It’s very funny. Wada and Kanon sit there looking like they are hiring in an episode of The Apprentice while the second gen sit there ashen faced. The only difference is this time Wada and Kanon think the applicants are so poor they can’t be bothered firing anyone. They’d rather just leave themselves instead. >.> Okay that’s a joke but it does seem like the stage is set for a double graduation sometime soon.


You’re fir…wait…no…I can’t even. I quit!

Mind you I have my suspicions about the announcement. I think there’s some sort of sabotage going on. This is all a plot to destabilise H!P. I mean look…


Someone’s replaced Kanon with Kago Ai. She’s working undercover probably. Agent provocateur I shouldn’t wonder. Disgraceful!

By the way while I’m linking to Youtube check this out if you haven’t already. It’s Oda Sakura speaking in English about the upcoming Momusu concert in New York…

She did a good job! Oh and to finish off let’s bring things full circle by linking Oda-chan to Hamachan…

blog, Hamaura Ayano, Oda Sakura-481124

Today’s post has been brought to you by the number 3 and the letters G, E, N and the further letters C, U, T and E.



11 responses to “S/mileage 3rd Gen

  1. Ha! I was waiting to see what you’d have to say about the S/mileage news. I figure it could be a great idea or a total disaster but it should be fun to see what happens. I agree about Hamachan and Nanami.

    Btw, I loved the Oda Sakura English vid.

      • D’oh! Yeah, there have been a number of bizarre decisions in H!P for the last few years but I keeping my fingers crossed for the slump to end.

  2. I’m up and down about the whole thing. If it helps S/mileage survive the eventual graduations of Dawa and Maro, then it’s good, but I wish they didn’t want to change the name.
    Out of all the Hello Project groups, S/mileage has the best design of logo, and I will hate to see it change.

    • Well I’m happy if it means a chance for some talented Sushi members but I have to agree with the name change. That seems pointless. Unless it’s changed to S/mileage…something something. If they remove the S/mileage name completely that’s just bizarre even if only done for the publicity.

      • But what’s the point of a name change if it’s something like Momoiro Clover Z or Morning Musume ’14? I don’t think the name should change but I don’t like the idea of tacking on something at the end either.

      • Exactly. Besides, S/mileage is one of the better group names already. I still don’t get Juice=Juice. And what’s with Up Up Girls (Kakko Kari)? I know that’s Up-Front but not H!P but it’s still weird that they changed it from Up-Front Girls, which actually made sense.

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    • Well I seem to be in the minority regarding Rikako. I don’t know that much about her but I don’t find her that cute and cute is something that suited the 4-nin S/mileage. I was hoping they’d move back in that direction. I don’t know much about the other two so I guess it’s wait and see. I’m really disappointed that neither Nanami or Hamachan were put in though. I really hope there is a new unit to replace Berryz and they are given the chance then.

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