Hello! Station ep.90

Yes it’s time for another Hello! Station. This week it starts with a preview of C-ute’s upcoming single I Miss You…

vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h13m36s76  vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h14m22s15 vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h14m42s232 vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h14m56s113vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h13m56s32vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h14m30s107
It’s a new type of sound for C-ute but from first listen it’s an immediately captivating song. It also has a pv that is very interesting and fresh but also a bit too busy. The split screen effects make your eyes wonkier than Reina’s. Even so it does make the pv something you can watch and re-watch while always finding something new to see. Anyway the single gets a big thumbs up from me.  I can’t wait to hear The Future now! C-ute I missed you!

So onto the show proper and this week it’s presented by…


Oh crap it must be a Halloween special. Where was the ratings guidance? ARGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!

zcrowd-running theexorcismofemilyrosepicwpid-woman_screaming11

This week’s episode should come with a warning. Yes it may be the time of year for scares but there are limits! Anyway moving swiftly on (well “running in terror swiftly on” more like) it’s time for the pv of Berryz upcoming single Towa no Uta. So say hello one final time to Captain…




Momoko (looking so much better with normal hair)…








And of course Chinami…


Sorry. Chinami…


Damn it! Sorry. Chinami…


I have to say that even though the pv is mostly the usual close up then dancing type thing it’s actually quite charming. The members all look really good and then there’s also a nice touch when it shows clips of the previous regenerations. I mean the girls when they were younger…

vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h51m46s201 vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h51m50s248 vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h51m58s68 vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h52m03s122 vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h52m10s180 vlcsnap-2014-10-29-21h52m35s175the-second-doctor-who



Although actually Chinami’s hair these days…


So what of the song? Well I liked it. Yes you heard me right. I liked it. Well I quite liked it anyway. Which for a first listen of a Berryz song is quite rare. It’s good they are going out with something that’s not as borrringzzz as they often get. I do like several members and I have liked some of their past singles so I’m happy that I get one last single from them to like. Plus as I said before they all look good in the pv and it’s fun enough too so overall I’m very positive for a change.

The rest of the episode can be summed up briefly as another boring Fuku bit…


Juice=Juice doing a great song on a stage that you’d find it hard to swing a Reina on…


And then three of the Berryz watch an old live clip…


Looking at their present day outfits I’m guessing Maasa has a new career lined up waiting tables, Captain will be kicking back a bit and Chinami…well she is always busy anyway what with the Daleks being up to their old tricks and then there’s the Cybermen not to mention Yeti in the London Underground and…sorry going off track a bit again.

Anyway at the end we have the usual question and answer bit between the two ghosts…I mean hosts…I mean scary monsters…




The power of Christ compels you!



Someone please come and save me!


Doctor Chi! Okay there might be a God then after all. One called Tsunku. Chinami please take me away with you in the TARDIS (TARDIS stands for Tempting Awesome Really Dreamy Idols Singing you know).

Well Chinami may be dematerialising in a few months but I’ll enjoy her until then. So despite this episode of Halloween horror there’s always a bright side. Don’t be down. Listen to the good Doctor…


Yes keep your head up high.  Look at the past and all the good times you had and then look forward to The Future. It will hopefully be in next week’s show. See what I did there? ^^


6 responses to “Hello! Station ep.90

  1. C-ute’s song sounds amazing. The harmonies are flawless. But have you noticed how they keep on touching their faces (especially Chisato) or hair (I’m looking at you Airi)?
    Maa and Momo together?! Their charas are quite similar so I guess it was inevitable *shrugs*. They talk with their hands so much XD
    I don’t dig any of Berryz new songs:( I much preferred the previous single). It’s nice they have the old clips and the costumes remind me of the first single but it’s a quite bland song. Perhaps it’s a good thing. It’s a safe song to sing as the last single. Imagien having the Diet song as the last one :O
    Watching Juice=Juice performance: woah, I want to be the guy at the very front. This stage allows the audience to be so close! I’d probably feel too shy standing there. Do you remember watching Orange Port? It felt so weird to have them right in front of you.

    • If I was a C-ute member id be touching my face all the time. And hair. And…err…other places. >.>

      Berryz song is safe but that’s understandable. I half expected some tearjerking ballad though. Even so I found it enjoyable enough for a change.

    • Orange Port were great. It was quite surreal when they were not even standing on the stage. It really made it feel extra interactive. I actually felt less inhibited as I felt compelled to join in the chants and movements. Mind you if a H!P group did that in front of me (which obviously would never happen) I’d feel all shellshocked.

  2. I really liked C-ute’s new song. Although I used to like Berryz quite a bit, I’ve pretty much lost interest in them. This song is not bad though.

    Great comedy as always, Morningtime.

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