Pictures + Captions = >.>

Just a very quick picture round-up.

You know dislike between fans of different idol groups is silly. The idols themselves get on so well. Look…


…for Halloween Reina even cosplayed as an AKB member at a handshake event.

Scientists discover that batshit insanity can be passed between people in close contact with each other…


And not even that deep down inside all 7 of them are crying.

Talking of the Berryz Chinami came up with a great idea recently…


“At last I’m as tall as Yurina!”

Ah Chinami. I’d love to buzz her with my woody…



Idols love cosplay. Here’s Suzuki Kanon doing Miyabi…


Meanwhile Sayashi Riho has been letting fans compliments go to her head. Here she is about to attempt walking on water…


With Berryz disbanding soon one member of C-ute has been thinking of what she will do when the time comes for them to graduhiatus. Yes Maimi has been practising a new talent…


“Gottle of geer”.

Now a post that’s just filler…

Kusumi Koharu-504603


Sayu Develops a taste for the sweet stuff…


“Eat me”? I’d taste her honey too. Ahem.

And finally Juice=Juice’s Miyamoto Karin has been caught in a boyfriend scandal…


The outrage!

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