Best H!P Single 2014 Poll

Yes it’s time for the annual best single poll. I’ve been doing this poll every year since 2009 and previous years results can be seen here, here, here, here and here.

It’s been a good year for Momusu and they have won this poll every other year so foregone conclusion? Or will Berryz make a triumphant final exit? C-ute also had a good year though with their sales continuing to be more than four times what they had been just a few years ago. Maybe it’s their time to win? (Answer: Yes. Yes it is their time to win! Please?) S/mileage had a low-key year with only two singles released whereas Juice=Juice had three. Could one of these upstarts muscle their way in? Or could the Kenshuusei pull off the most shocking of shocks? Probably not but I’m sure they’ll have their fans too. They had two great songs. Anyway as usual it’s up to you to decide…and then me to disagree later on when I do my personal top ten. ^^ Happy voting!

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