More Random Pics & Comments

I knew Takeuchi looked familiar…


“Hello. Maids’R’Us customer service. How may I help you?”…


…Times are hard post-Momusu.

I know what you’re wondering. “What would Masaki look like if she was a middle-aged businesswoman. And sane.” Well…


You can claim it’s “just” a reindeer before sinking your teeth in but that still doesn’t make it right…

B6IDmyYIgAAVuOA.jpg large

Haruka gives her opinion on that Makoto bloke…

Alo-Hello! 7 Morning Musume - 1080 Blu-Ray RIP.mp4_snapshot_01.20.18_[2015.01.10_17.35.01]

 Meanwhile Miyabi, well, stops caring?

blog, Natsuyaki Miyabi-518200

Actually is that really Miyabi or someone doing an impression of her? O-o

Following the AKB affair idols no longer take any chances when meeting the public…

Mano Erina-518159

 That’s the “don’t fuck with me” approach. The other option is a cunning disguise…

Mano Erina-516693

The third option is to do what Maria Makino does and just make people think you are the crazy one…

Makino Maria-516664

That’s kind of cute. It’s also kind of weird. I like her. ^^

Remember Kusumi Koharu? Well she’s so scared of being recognised in the street due to her huge popularity as a model or whatever the fuck it is she does these days that she now dresses as the invisible woman…

blog, Kusumi Koharu-518142

Either that or she uses a cat as a beard…

blog, Kusumi Koharu-518081

So she’s calmed down a lot since her Momusu days then.

Finally Ayumi’s training is still going badly. Sure she’s can sing and dance and for a shark that’s bloody amazing but there’s still problems training her in how to eat properly…

blog, Ishida Ayumi-518204


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