New Blog Address!

So after nearly seven years, 625 posts and over a million hits the time has come to move home. This place just doesn’t have the space anymore. But I’m not moving far. Only to next door. Yes my new blog’s address is This blog will be kept up and people can still comment here but from now on any new posts will be made at the imaginatively addressed Morningtime2 blog. The new blogs name is Morningtime as that’s pretty much my online persona now. I couldn’t just leave it behind. I am MT!

I’d make a long teary-eyed goodbye post for here but since I’m continuing to blog there’s no need. I will say though that when I started this blog a little under seven years ago I knew only one other H!P fan and thought that nobody would read this thing. Since then through this blog and associated connections like Twitter I’ve met (and hopefully made friends with) many fans, had amazing experiences alongside those friends at idol events, had many entertaining evenings online swapping jokes, enthusiasm and general positive vibes over idols, met my now-wife and generally had a great time. So I think all in all I’m glad I decided to start this place. ^^ So thank you to everyone who ever dropped by. Please pop next door and continue dropping in unannounced. There’ll always be tea, biscuits, chocolate and idols waiting for you!

The first post on my new blog is already up. It’s a review of Morning Musume ’14’s Alo-Hello 7 Blu-ray. Here’s a teaser of what to expect…

alo-hello-7-morning-musume-1080-blu-ray-rip-mp4_snapshot_00-02-44_2015-01-10_13-58-03alo-hello-7-morning-musume-1080-blu-ray-rip-mp4_snapshot_00-02-29_2015-01-10_13-57-02  alo-hello-7-morning-musume-1080-blu-ray-rip-mp4_snapshot_00-54-45_2015-01-10_17-18-14

Bikinis! Why are you still here? Go! Go now!!

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