Michishige Sayumi Mille-Feuille photobook pics!

I am still waiting for my copy to turn up but enough pics have appeared on the net now to know what I knew anyway. Yes it’s a wonderful book. ^^

aewen6369 aewen6370 aewen6388 aewen6394aewen6427 aewen6429 aewen6431aewen6387  bookaewen6389 aewen6385   aewen6399aewen6393aewen6397  aewen6400 sayuaewen6396 SayupbSayupb2

I have spoken about how wonderful Sayumi is so many times. She is a great idol. At the very top of the idol tree to me. Her looks and personality together are quite breathtaking. She is funny, kind, beautiful, mesmerising and playfully sharp-tongued. Elegant, sexy, cute, teasingly dirty-minded and basically just gorgeous. She also unsurprisingly always does the best photobooks. All hail Momusu’s leader! The most stand-out idol in H!P. ♥♥


3 responses to “Michishige Sayumi Mille-Feuille photobook pics!

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  2. Thank you for delivering 😀

    Personally, she is indeed a goddess among idols. I hope she took her time recovering and feels better soon ^^

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