Yorosen! week 20 subbed

H!F have subbed Yorosen again. The sensei this week?


It’s Panda Junjun. The subject this week is train station lunches.



Since this is about train station lunches, why are you dressed up like a panda?

Good question.


Well not unless the lunches are panda meat and you are on the run, no.


Ooh good answer.

Anyway Momoko starts saying how it looks like Junjun will be a rival to her only for Junjun to interrupt…


Right, be quiet now please.


Next Junjun informs the Berryz that there will be a test on the subject of train station food. Junjun then starts running through the three best selling meals. When it comes to meal number two she has some in the studio classroom. Therefore we have as a very special Morningtime guest commentator the wildlife expert Sir David Attenborough…


Yes, hello and welcome. You join me in the Yorosen! classroom where I’m hiding in some foliage in the corner of the room. I did this last week while C-ute and Sayumi were here and now there’s a restraining order banning me from going within three miles of them and ordering me to always wear pants in public. Nevertheless I’m back again and so here we have exclusive and very rare footage of the elusive panda trying to obtain food…


Then having gotten access to the food we see the panda attempting to mimic human beings by using chopsticks. However, just like with most western human beings in Chinese restaurants, the panda is forced to abandon the chopstick and opt for some cutlery instead. It seems pandas just can’t use chopsticks…


Well yes. Yes it is. Also damn…I’ve been spotted.

Well that’s all from Sir David Attenborough for this week. Apparently the Japanese police have refused to grant him bail. So back to the show and having opted for cutlery we then see the panda enjoying the taste of a good meal…


Junjun then asks the Berryz if they all want to try it. The answer is a definite yes…


Ooh this panda is evil.

So onto the most popular meal and Junjun again has some in the classroom. But what’s this? Junjun is beckoning someone over?


Why it’s Maasa…


Will Maasa be getting food?


Evil panda! So again Junjun samples the food…


Junjun’s verdict is that it’s good…


But next time I think if you were to cut it up a little smaller it would taste even better.



Onto the Mano section and she’s drawing for some reason. Mind you she’s also wearing a school uniform for some reason. Just how old are you again?



Show two and the subject is…


Uhuh. So moving onto the end and Mano’s drawing…


What is it she asks? I know! It’s a Moomin! It so totally is. Look…


See? The Moomins must be about to crack Japan.

So it’s time for show three. The subject this time?


Uhuh. Up first…


Okay now that is unusual. I mean I love Koi carps (pardon the pun) but only to look at.

We then get to see Momoko try some. Then there’s guinea fowl lunches and catfish lunches and some more tasting. Ultimately it’s yet another Japanese tv show going on (and on and on) about food. So onto show four and the subject is high-class lunchboxes. The first of which costs…


This show HAS a budget? My shock.

The one reasonably funny moment of show four comes as Junjun is showing the Berryz a picture of the most expensive lunch box in Japan. Having had the Berryz trying to guess the price Junjun then tries to build some tension by covering the price with her hand…


Unfortunately for Junjun the price didn’t come up where it came up for the previous lunch box…


It took her a good few seconds to realise as well.


Onto show five and Junjun gives out seven lunch boxes. The Berryz start tucking in. Junjun then announces that it’s time for the test. Yurina is up first and has to guess what prefecture her meal comes from. She gets her question wrong…


Evil panda!

Up next is Risako. However Junjun decides to give her a chance. Telling her that if she can say something nice to her teacher everything will be all good…


No more food for Risako then. This panda is truly evil. Up next Momoko…


Junjun tells Momoko that she can keep the food if she can guess what Junjun is thinking…


The show then skips the other members except Saki. In the end after Saki gives Junjun lots of compliments Junjun allows everyone to eat and the lesson ends. We then get another strange Mano drawing clip and that’s that.

This week was really a mixed bag. First off I have to say that Junjun was really funny and charismatic as the sensei. The first and last episodes had some humourous banter between Junjun and the Berryz and there were one or two other funny moments in the other shows. However yet again the subject was boring and through the middle of the week Junjun’s personality alone couldn’t carry the show. Junjun did brilliantly considering the subject matter but the sensei does need a bit of back-up from both the subject matter and the students. Really save for a few brief Momoko moments the Berryz were largely redundant until the final episode. But it’s yet again the subject matter that’s the let-down. Junjun was great but the shows could have been so much better had the production team come up with something more interesting than food. Food seems to be the bane of my Japanese tv existence.

Also Mano’s sections recently have been filmed mostly away from the other H!P members. This is understandable considering her recent schedule but again asking pointless questions or doing little drawings is not that interesting. Especially when there’s no pay-off. Questions without answers are a bit dull.

Even so there was a lot to enjoy this week. It’s just that 95% of what was enjoyable came in shows one and five and that’s unforgiveable. Still kudos to Junjun. She did a great job. Plus it must have been hot in that costume yet she didn’t seem to sweat once. Give that girl a banana. Actually give her a whole bunch!


4 responses to “Yorosen! week 20 subbed

  1. Junjun was awesome, particularly against Momoko. Like you say, a highlight of the week!

    Also, as you say, I don’t get the point of the questions without answers, seems a bit ManoPointless. Still, she’s cute so most of the time, she gets away with it. I just didn’t know a giraffe could run as fast as she draws it running…

  2. Well hehe for the Answers, it tells you to go to that website they give you…

    Either way… As you say pointless… ><

  3. Ah there’s a website? Well okay a bit of viewer interaction might make it a bit more okay then. It’s still not exactly interesting though, even if Mano is cute.

    What the show needs is more member interaction. I still can’t believe that they decided a good show for idols would be one where they just sit there listening to boring facts.

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