Yaguchi Mari – Seishun Boku pv

Here is the pv for Yaguchi’s single. Doesn’t it feel great reading the words “Yaguchi’s single”? 😀 Anyway the pv is the typical Hexagon style one. Basically just Yaguchi in the studio. Even so it’s four minutes of Yaguchi so who’s complaining? Not me. Her look at the end where her hair is all messed up is oooh. She finally found her sexy beam. Also worth noting is the appearance of her dog as the official Yaguchi Mari logo. A dog is an (ex) idol’s best friend it seems.

Meanwhile there’s an alternative performance at Hello-Online here. It was her first time singing the song live and her tears afterwards are so moving.

Finally the picboard at Hello-Online has some pics from a magazine or magazines in which the petite one is looking seriously attractive. And so here they are just for me you…


Ah the real pint-sized princess of pop. Doesn’t she look amazing?


One response to “Yaguchi Mari – Seishun Boku pv

  1. I’ve decided not to watch the PV until my copy of the single arrives from YesAsia, but luckily those pics will more than tide me over until it gets here. She is one of the most beautiful creatures on the face of the planet. *le sigh!*

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