Random Pics & Observations

It’s been ages since I did a random pictures post and today while sorting through some folders on my laptop I came across a few pics that made me chuckle. So…

Firstly a pic of recent birthday girl Kusumi Koharu. I’ve always thought highly of Koha. Yes you could say I think the light shines out of her behind…

Meanwhile another recent birthday girl Michishige Sayumi has a message for us all…

“FU”? Well there’s no need for that kind of language young lady. I thought you were supposed to be an idol? >.>

Mano Erina is always busy isn’t she? She releases a single every five minutes, tours, does lots of acting and now it can be revealed she even fights crime in her spare time…

Yes it’s SpiderMano.

But who would an idol superhero have as an enemy? Well there’s one evil arch-enemy all young H!P members have…

Yes it’s the Green Goblin…I mean Yasuda Kei.

But maybe we shouldn’t be too harsh on the older ex-Musume members. I mean even young attractive ex-AKB members can find things get tough. We’ve all heard that one ex-member is going into porn. At least no ex-Momusu members have sunk that low. Have they?

Yuko! That’s just taking the two Japanese obsessions of tv food shows and pornography a step too far.

Meanwhile following the reemergence last year of the shuffle groups Tsunku has denied he is short of inspiration for new ideas. Mind you he denied it at the press conference for the unveiling of his new unit…

…Double Who.

Lots of H!P members have turned to acting recently. With Maimi, Kanon and now Niigaki all having made films and with Mano being all over the net with her dramas Momoko Tsugunaga has decided to show everyone that she will not be outdone. In fact she’s got the starring role in her own tv series…

It’s time to face the music. It’s time to light the lights. It’s time to get things started on the Momopets Show tonight. Momo is to play Kermit. There’s some confusion over who will be playing Miss Piggy. It will all depend on which of Sugaya Risako and Sudo Maasa eats the other one first.

Hey are you ready for an old-time idol experience? Get ready for the youngest swingers in town…

The (B)rat Pack are heading your way. Relive all the old classics like ‘Face the Music and Tap Dance’, ‘Love and Marriage and a Sudden Graduation’, ‘Softly, As I Leave You’ (Kanna Arihara). ‘MaiMai Way‘, ‘Maimi Italiano‘ and ‘Airi Get a Kick out of You‘. Coming to a nightclub joint near you soon. Daddio.

Not to be outdone by Koharu’s recent early morning bread advert Mitsui Aika unveils her new nreakfast cereal campaign…

“Ah they’ve taken me Lucky Charms so they have begorrah”.

Aww look, it’s Ai-chan playing pool…

I wish she’d come round here and play with my balls. What? Oh come on. You know perfectly well I was being completely innocent there. >.>

Anyway after meeting me in Paris Ai-chan has sent me this especially…

Aww I’m touched. I’ve never been so flattered in all my life. No other idol has ever said anything like that to me.

Well I stand corrected. Okay I sit cross-legged corrected. O-o 😀

New photobook alert. There’s another Momusu member pb coming out and it has bikini shots…

Mitsui Aika’s self-titled pb is due out soon. Hmm…I think she’s showing nearly as much as that ex-AKB48 member does now. O-o

Following Argentina’s exit from the World Cup their manager Diego Maradona resigned his post. But we shouldn’t feel sorry for him and not just because he’s a druggie cheating git. Oh no. He has also got to hang out with Okai Chisato and Yajima Maimi…

There’s been yet more H!P food tv programme and porn crossover shenanigans…

Miyabi’s old enough for this filth but trying to get MaiMai involved is just wrong!

Scientists have come up with what they call the female wotas ideal baby…

And finally disaster strikes as Miyabi falls and injures herself at a Buono gig…

There’s neigh way she’ll be able to continue.


13 responses to “Random Pics & Observations

  1. Hahaha, you never fail to amaze me with that mind of yours.
    Yasuda, Yuko and double Who is just epic. Gotta love the looks on Gaki/Reina faces.
    Hey, Ai didn’t mention anything about a certain Cue in that postcard did she..?

    • I feel sorry for poor Nacky in the Yasuda pic. She must have been terrified. 😆

      I like the spidermano pic but I’d prefer Batmano…dark latex. >.>

      Hey you still in Japan?

      • Agreed, Spidermano is cute.

        Yes, I’m still in Japan. and in about an hour I’m standing outside Aichi Prefectural Art Theater and waiting to see the first H!P 2010 summer concert, and tomorrow as well.
        I kinda went crazy ticket shopping again you see, so I’ve ended up with 4th row, 5th row, 12th row and 14th row + a lousy ticket after all that so I can actually enjoy the music.
        Anything on your mind?

    • You’re going to five concerts? Wota! :p

      Nothing on my mind. Just thought I’d check where you are. Don’t forget to message me when you’re back home and I’ll send the payment for those photos.

      • Yeah, I suppose I’ve grown to be a wota :p
        Just came back from the first one. Awesome stuff. But far too little MM going on for my taste. But that might have something to do with them being rather busy lately. And I need to not be so tired at tomorrows concert so I can actually bother to do anything but yawn xD

        And I have that shipment in the back of my head, so it shouldn’t be forgotten 😉

        Oh, btw. Not even Ai on your mind? D=

  2. Great stuff, man. I love the evil Yasuda Kei pics and the Mom/Kermit pic. Manoeri is super-cute in the Spiderman outfit too.

  3. I admit I’m very tired right now, but this post is so funny it made me literally laugh out loud. 😀 I love the Sayu pic too, the more I look at it, the more evil her smile seems now. XD

    • I used to make lots of posts like this then lost my inspiration. Now I’ve found it again hopefully I can get back to making more humourous posts.

      Oh and thanks. The fact you found it funny makes the post worthwhile! 😀

  4. Ah~ the good old days!! XD
    i miss these posts. lol.

    the SpiderMano made me laugh the most. XD
    and the neigh way thing. hahaha
    the second a saw that dog i knew exactly what was coming. you’re so mean. XD

    was the Yossie baby aimed at me? 😛 kidding.

    • The Yossie baby was based on several female wotas I met in Camden on teh day of the signing. >.> So yes it was based on you and Aqua. 😛

      I miss these posts too. Also the tv reviews I used to do. Damn H!P not having any tv shows anymore.

      • yeah…. Hello! Morning was the best. XD
        doesnt’ really surprise me though. there’s not enough variety in momusu’s members to make an interesting enough tv show. :/

        i remember your “konno special” haromoni post. LOL! “come any closer and i’ll turn you into boots” hahaha

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