Some New Purchases (Sakura Gakuin/Morning Musume)

Recently I bought the latest Sakura Gakuin single, concert dvd and two magazines (well my wife got one of the magazines) and so I thought I’d make a quick post enthusing about them.


The Spring issue of GirlPop has a brief feature on Sakura Gakuin as well as an interview with Horiuchi Marina who is interviewed alongside an Idoling member (except apparently it’s actually Hitomi from Tokyo Girls Style. Thanks to Saja1610 on Twitter for pointing that out).

1902007_10151923314417547_1505732500_n 1939401_10151923314737547_29919250_n1920106_10151923315067547_326543922_n1798466_10151923315422547_1925627444_n 1924645_10151923316017547_1433797631_n

It’s nice to see Sakura Gakuin getting some attention in these type of magazines. I always feel they are underrated. Plus you can never have too much Marina (and frankly there is too little around anyway). The magazine is also really good though for having a lovely Morning Musume photoshoot and interview…


1002650_10151930348952547_1979634787_n 1621788_10151930349632547_662628760_n 1622729_10151930349312547_8528604_n 1795576_10151930350157547_1706511508_n 1897787_10151930349467547_1573778971_n 1920516_10151930349187547_152483074_n 1947667_10151930347867547_1109735347_n 1964393_10151930347857547_1101364808_n   1975219_10151930349062547_541860827_n 10001469_10151930350117547_405900891_n

I absolutely love winter clothes on idols so this is a photoshoot that immediately gets my attention. It’s full of fun too. The idols look like they are having a great time. It’s just perfect.

The magazine comes with a double-sided Momusu poster as well…


The Up To Boy issue I bought was from two years ago (Vol.207). I mainly bought it for the Horiuchi Marina feature where she is photographed with Muto Ayami. However there was also lots of H!P…

  1782162_10151930365292547_1042641019_n1231182_10151930365307547_2093028570_n1939960_10151930365327547_1806239883_n1621976_10151930365347547_67160438_n1964938_10151930365752547_1803222606_n 1975265_10151930365802547_1565553980_n1653766_10151930366912547_452343840_n 10001566_10151930365857547_1883875388_n 10004043_10151930365827547_583512438_n1621769_10151930366952547_372746393_n 1902721_10151930366967547_1815842059_n 1911821_10151930366992547_1618951855_n 1959326_10151930367042547_1522186233_n

All lovely pics. It nice to remember the good old days when Momochi had normal hair too. She looks so much more bearable like that. As I said though it was mainly for Marina I bought the magazine…

Ma Ma1 Ma2 Ma3Horiuchi_Marina

Marina coslaying. Ah…♥♥♥♥♥

I also really wanted the Marina/Ayami card from these…


Set B would have also got me Airi and Haruna. I got set C though which at least means Mano. But I really wanted Marina! ><

The Sakura Gakuin dvd deserves a special mention. The choice of songs performed was a nice mix of old and newer and they gave the Science Club Kagaku Kyumei Kiko Logica a three song section which is brilliant as I love their music. If you haven’t heard them then check this out…

That’s pretty typical of their style. I would have loved to see more singles but with Marina and Hinata’s upcoming graduations that seems very unlikely now. The concert is a fun upbeat thing throughout and has their odd Halloween song Pumpkin Parade in it (the concert was held on 1st and 2nd November 2013). The English in the spoken section is err…interesting.

The limited version of their single came with a dvd featuring the lovely sleepiece’s last live performance. They perform all three of their songs and as always are a joy to watch. Sakura Gakuin have such great sub units. BABYMETAL get all the plaudits but there are so many other good units too. They deserve more success. I have just pre-ordered their 4th album. It’s released Wednesday 12th March. I also preordered C-ute’s single which is released 5th March too. Happy days!

Anyway that’s all. I hope you enjoyed seeing these pics. I wanted to show how good idol magazines can be! ^^


3 responses to “Some New Purchases (Sakura Gakuin/Morning Musume)

  1. Great stuff – thanks for sharing. Oh and I totally agree about idols in winter clothes. It seems they’d be warmer if they put pants on but I’m not going to complain.

    • The only thing I like anywhere near as much as winter clothes is those bedtime clothes they wear sometimes. You know the ones with shorts and something fluffy for a top. So cut and squeezable.

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